My Dear Enthusiastic Readers,

Here’s October already! Amidst the busy unlocking and returning to normal routine, it’s also important to exercise care and caution while doing our daily chores. When mentally strong individuals have become vulnerable to stress during these past few months, no need to mention the elderly and the younger generation who felt totally lost and depressed.

This made me realise that most of the youngsters have actually been living in an unrealistic world. Life till now has always been busy for them and each one of them was always striving hard to achieve something constantly. Their minds have been tuned into constantly exhibiting their activities and expecting praise in return. Their achievements always found appreciation in social media and hence children are not able to face criticism and downfall. Today’s youngsters are tomorrow’s society and a healthy society depends mainly on the mental wellbeing of the people capable of facing any situation in a calm manner.

Whose fault is this? Where is our system lacking? We need to teach our children self-admiration and self-confidence. We need to teach them to appreciate even the small things we are blessed with and make them understand that exams and marks are not indicators of Achievement and this should never be allowed as to judge one-self. Hardwork will pay and one should learn to accept failures and success in a balanced way. Facebook and Instagram “likes” mean nothing at all; not getting enough “likes” does not mean someone is useless!!! Constantly publicizing private life is not necessary. Kindly teach these basic principles to youngsters.

Life is never demanding. We make the demands and then get unnecessarily burdened. No society should have children committing self-harm. The safety of every child should be our priority.

Let’s build a healthy society.

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Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Family Physician