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Whether one is capable or industrious depends on the individual. But to recognize one’s potential, or to encourage one to rise beyond one’s limitations we need a mentor who has the vision, a liberal hand, the wisdom and the determination to help us bring out the best in ourselves. A leader, a guru or a mentor is one who thinks good for everyone around.

Be it a family or a work place or a nation, to be led and inspired by a visionary leader is a great blessing. Every family has such leaders- they are our parents and grandparents. From the day of our conception, they think only about us and nothing but us.

The biological clock is ticking for everyone. Age, like time, can neither be reversed nor changed. When our parents age they become our responsibility; our hearts and minds should respond with love and affection and not let their minds sag with fear and loneliness. We are responsible to help them age with grace and confidence. A time will come when we have to assume the leadership in the family and govern the life and times of our dear elders with care and affection.

Today on October 01, the International Day of the Elderly, let's remember that no one escapes aging. Let's be there for them to age gracefully; let us make sure that our elders are safe, healthy and happy - physically and mentally. We shall greet them with a smile and make their worries runaway a mile. A wise person once said that we should be careful with the things we value the most. Let's value our senior citizens.

At Kauvery, we offer exclusive care for senior citizens. Do feel free to enquire about and explore our services. Our health check-ups are most comprehensive and utmost care is taken to keep everyone comfortable and safe. Our outpatient clinics and telemedicine consultations are always readily available to serve our senior citizens.

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Global Day of Parents 2020

Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Senior Family Physician



Highlights @ Kauvery

Our Patient Safety Efforts Recognized!

Our Patient Safety Efforts Recognized!

Kauvery Hospital has always stressed on patient safety and this took on an all-new meaning during the pandemic. It is of paramount importance to us that our patients feel safe on our premises and all our staff work towards ensuring this.

We are very happy to inform all our patients and well-wishers that Kauvery Hospital has made it to the finals in competitions held in view of World Patient Safety Day (September 17 th). We are finalists in the following two categories – Patient Safety Improvement Projects and Patient Safety Video.

The POSHAN ABHIYAAN is a mission aimed at a malnutrition-free India. Together with improving the nutrition services across the country, various community nutrition-related activities are conducted. Based on this objective, RASHTRIYA POSHAN MAAH - National Nutritional Month is observed every year in the month of September. This year, it was celebrated with the following theme:

"Converging Towards a Healthy Walk-Through Life" - Feed Smart Right from the Start


Department of Clinical Dietetics at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai in association with IAPEN (Indian Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) Chennai Chapter, conducted various competitions like poster presentation, slogan contest, quiz contest and cooking competition among our staff members from all departments. Going along with the theme, it was a total fun-filled learning experience. Thanks to all staff members, doctors, nurses and non-medical staff who made it a grand success.

Thanks to Our Special Judges for the Events

Dr Sivarama Kannan, Dr Mukunth, Dr Santhosh, Dr Shantha Ravishankar, Dr Anatha Subramaniam, Dr Yamini Kannappan, Dr Kavitha Sundaravadam and Dr Saravana Manikam

Chief Guest and Judges – Ms Anitha Sampath - Silver Screen Celebrity
Ms Lavanya Mukil - Culinary Consultant

Special Thanks To

Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-Founder and Executive Director
Dr Iyappan Ponnuswamy, Medical Director

They have given us great and continuous support in each and every step we take forward.

Cooking Competition without Fire

1ST PRIZE - Ramya, Sabitha, Dr Rashidh, Benny, Uday Chandrika
2ND PRIZE - Santhosh, Nivedha, Saranya, Anandhi, Siddhu
3RD PRIZE - Dr Siddharth, Basha, Sumathi, Sowmya

Cooking Competition

1ST PRIZE - Sumathi (108752) Sowmiya (112713)
2ND PRIZE - Dr Nithyanadan, Prasana, Aswathi, Apoorva, Ramya, Sabeetha, Benign, Dr Rashidh
3RD PRIZE - Pradeep, Selvi, Vignesh, Sankari, Saradha

A - Five Star Rounds

TEAM A 1ST PRIZE - Manjula, Esther, Subasri, Archana
TEAM C 2ND PRIZE - Sahaya Virgin, Venkatesan, Karinishan, Issac
TEAM D 3RD PRIZE – Thenmozhi, Malathy, Sarferas Ahamed, Vinod Kuma R

Poster Competition

2ND PRIZE - PALS Department
3RD PRIZE - Rekha and Danalakshmi (Health Centre)
SPECIAL PRIZE - F and B Team (Innovative Thinking)

Slogan Competition

1ST PRIZE - Veni
2ND PRIZE - Physiotherapy Team
3RD PRIZE – ICU team

Diet Module HMS Entry - Special Prizes

6th B side staff nurses and 4th A side staff nurses

KAUVERY DAY CARE - The Chemotherapy Day Care Centre

Day care chemotherapy is a relatively new concept in India. Kauvery Cancer Institute - New Age Cancer Centre is one of the leading cancer hospitals to understand its importance and one of the few where the service is available.

Chemotherapy is given in an outpatient setting known as a chemotherapy day care. The day-care unit will cater to patients who are receiving infusions over a short duration (generally 2-6 hours). As the realm of comprehensive cancer care is advancing at a fast pace leading to more patients turning in for chemotherapy and other oncology services dedicated chemotherapy centre is the need of the hour.

Any emergency can be handled efficiently as we have an emergency room with the essential drugs and equipments and the patient can be shifted to the our Kauvey multispeciality hospital within a few minutes.

Kauvery Cancer Institute Day Care Centre is well-equipped and is ideally designed for those patients, who have been advised chemotherapy sessions. Patients have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure related to chemotherapy and the expertise of verified consultants.

The exclusive new labour suite complex was inaugurated at Kauvery Hospital on 7th September. Dr Meena Umachander, Professor - Obstretics and Gynaecology, was the guest of honour.

“These delivery suites are an added feature for the mothers to have their delivery in a calm and composed manner. High-risk pregnancies can be handled with utmost care at Kauvery as it is a multispecialty centre having expert panel of medical professionals 24/7 to handle any kind of pregnancy-related complications and the back-up of NICU care goes hand in hand!” said Dr Sabeeha, Senior Consultant Obstetrician at Kauvery Hospitals.

On World Heart Day, a free heart-check camp was conducted to identify cardiac risk among the younger population. The camp was inaugurated by Thiru P. K. Sekar Babu, Hon’ble Minister of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department, Tamil Nadu. The camp was presided over by Thiru Dr. Ezhilan, MLA, and Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital, Chennai.


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