Welcome to the September 2017 edition of Kauvery Health and Wellness Newsletter

The word ‘health’ draws up a conundrum of meanings for each one of us.

Predominantly our perspectives on health confines itself to making sure of the absence of disease and rigorous attempts to stick to rigid exercise and diet regimens. While this definitely spells out as absolute core necessities, it unfortunately undermines the pursuit of holistic health.

The ways to achieve a healthy mind and a healthy body are as confusing as ever to many of us – thanks to the heavily information loaded world that we live in today. People are pushed into an unending loop of self-made diagnosis and thus self generated stress.

It is time we revisit our health related behaviours. It is time we make changes.

Nothing works like an advice from your trusted doctor with whom you can clearly communicate your health concerns at the earliest. The best way to alleviate fear and to embark on good health is to be professionally guided on any aberrant sign that your body and mind may exhibit.

Pro-active health measures like preventive health checks as guided by your doctor do go a long way in helping embrace a quality life.

Just as important it is to develop adaptive behaviours, making an attempt to continually foster positive emotions also form the crux of a healthy life. Positive emotions are our very own magic potions that have been backed up by solid scientific research over years in their ability to promote good health. Researchers say that positive emotions boost immunity, allay disease and even death.

Even if optimism isn’t completely a part of your personality you sure can make a start with the following simple ways:

  • Record a positive event each day.
  • Self report a minor stressful event and reappraise it in a positive way.
  • Start a daily gratitude journal.
  • Focus on the present. Keep a check on mindless dwelling on the past or future.

It’s time we revisit our behaviours and emotions. The time is now! Cheers to a happy & healthy mind and body.

Dr Yamini Kannappan