My Dear K-Way Family Members,

Amidst the band beat of the IPL and the super heat of the Chennai summer, we at the Kauvery Group of Hospitals, had our grand, neat and successful launch of our quaternary care hospital at Vadapalani, Chennai, by the sensational Superstar Thiru Rajinikanth sir.

His words of appreciation really showed his gratitude towards our institution and the medical field.

The Kauvery Hospital at Vadapalani is a quaternary care facility providing healthcare with state-of-the-art infrastructure at affordable cost. The main vision of our Founders was to make the best healthcare available to our society. We wish them the very best on this milestone occasion.

Next, with April welcoming us with the scorching sunny summer, get cool with plenty of fluids. Make sure your body is hydrated to escape from common urinary tract infections and so on.

Long hours will be spent in air-conditioned places in summer. AC vents need regular checking as they are the main source of atypical pneumonia. Kindly service your air-conditioner vents regularly.

Summer is also the most exciting part of the year as we plan vacations and meet family and friends. In this day and era, reunions should be valued and insisted upon firmly.

The use of mobile phones has made us feel accessible to everyone but at the same time, we also feel isolated from everyone. Taking time with family, seeing old vacation pictures and remembering old memories from our childhood will bring enormous joy to everyone around us.

Reliving the nostalgic moments happen only while we see movies but we should take time and use opportunities like vacations to relive the nostalgic moments. Visit your native, talk to your parents and share the moments of joy.

Next, this is the official year end and hence make it a routine practice to review with your healthcare professionals and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Summers are always a special season so take care and make the most of it.

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Global Day of Parents 2020

Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Senior Family Physician

Highlights @ Kauvery

Transforming Healthcare: Kauvery Hospital launches Quaternary care excellence at Arcot Road, Vadapalani.

Transforming Healthcare: Kauvery Hospital launches Quaternary care excellence at Arcot Road, Vadapalani.

Marking a significant milestone in healthcare advancement in Chennai, Kauvery Hospital proudly unveiled its latest quaternary facility at Arcot Road, Vadapalani on March 20, 2024. The inauguration ceremony was graced by distinguished Chief Guest, Thiru Rajinikanth, acclaimed Indian Cine Actor, alongside our esteemed luminaries including Dr. S. Chandrakumar, Founder and Executive Chairman of Kauvery Group of Hospitals, Dr. S. Manivannan Selvaraj, Founder and Managing Director, and Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-founder and Executive Director of Kauvery Group of Hospitals. Alongside this grand launch, we introduced 9 Centres of Excellence, further elevating our commitment to delivering unparalleled healthcare excellence.

Quaternary care, epitomized by Kauvery Hospital, Vadapalani, represents the highest level of specialized medical care, encompassing advanced treatments and innovative procedures aimed at addressing complex health conditions with precision and compassion.

The new Kauvery Hospital Vadapalani stands as a cornerstone of advanced medical care, symbolising the institution’s unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality healthcare possible. Featuring a meticulously crafted 250-bedded hospital, the facility also features a 75-bedded Critical Care Unit, a 30-bedded Transplant ICU and 6 modular Operation Theatre with laminar flow.

Hey, Kinetic Kauverians! Here comes April 2024!

Uma Vamci
By Uma & Vamci

Sunny days are on its way! From hot to hotter and finally hottest. Days in April are not just about being hotter but longer too.

By the way, how was March? Hope it was as interesting as ours. The month of March kept us busy, packed with back-to-back events and audits. Keeping in mind the significant role that the women workforce plays at Kauvery, we had a week full of celebrations to appreciate their hard work and dedication. We had organized a few workshops exclusively for our women employees, which invited their active participation. Self-defense programme to empower themselves, Grooming and Make-up session to enhance their beauty skills and confidence by learning skincare routines and make-up techniques, a session about how to take charge of their financial future by sharing tips to manage their personal finance and an energetic, joyful and fun-filled Zumba session to indulge themselves in different physical exercises. We also organized a special pattimandram, fun activities, and a dance performance and we set-up a creative photo booth to capture memorable moments, empower women and make Kauvery a happy place to work.

Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet underwent its Digital NABH and Surveillance audit in March and we would like to acknowledge and appreciate the commitment and teamwork demonstrated by all the employees across the unit to ensure adherence to the established standards and patient safety. We also take pride in receiving the HR Excellence Award at the group level across the Kauvery Hospitals. We achieved this significant milestone through the most transformative HR strategies and ground-level employee engagement initiatives and we assure you that we will continue to guide and support our employees to achieve their goals at all levels of the organization.

As quoted by Zig Ziglar, “Success is a journey, not a destination”. By taking small baby steps, showing gratitude and reflecting our values in everything we do we will definitely be able to show incremental improvements towards delivering the best patient care. Every day is different and beautiful. So make the most out of each day in April!


The Women’s Day celebrations at Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet featured insightful talks by Mrs. Nalini Aravindhan, Managing Director of Sirina Healthcare Services and Mrs. Pushpa Kandaswamy, Creative Head and Managing Director of Kavithalaya Productions.

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We felicitated two young and dynamic sports women for being an inspiration to all of us.

Ms.Mridula Sriram – A young Women Cricketer from Lalaji Memorial Omega International School (Chennai).

Ms.Irfana Fathima – A young boxer. She is the daughter of our employee Mr.Ahamed Ali from the Department of Facility Services.

A self-defense workshop headed by Thirumathi Navarathinam, Inspector of Police, Crime against Women and Children Unit, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This workshop equipped women with essential skills to protect themselves.

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We thank Ms.Ramya Alagesan from Digital Bridal Studio Dlight Cluster event planner for imparting knowledge on essential grooming skills to our women employees. The workshop was a fantastic blend of learning and fun.

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Every single moment is special and every special moment is worth capturing. We set up a photo booth and our women folks eagerly clicked pictures and we had instant printing allowing them to take home cherished memories.



Let us congratulate our HR Team’s remarkable achievement in winning the HR Excellence Award under the leadership of our Chief of Staff – Ms. Uma Maheswari. Kudos to the entire team for their outstanding dedication, innovation and commitment to driving organizational success.


Ms.Subitha Wilson for winning the Super Pharmacist Award title for the third Quarter FY 23-24.

Ms.Sofia Roseline– Best Trainer of Kauvery-HOPE – Batch 8

Mr.Subash.G– Best Trainer of Kauvery-HOPE – Batch 9

“In the Darkness, Love Shines Bright”

Ms. Dayana Briskilla
Service Excellence

Is true love real? Or just a fleeting illusion? As someone who had longed for love and questioned its existence, I often found myself grappling with doubts and uncertainties.
It was in the quiet corridors of the hospital that I found my answer. I met a 44-year-old woman, a patient who had  just been admitted, lay in her bed, and her world suddenly plunged into darkness. I had come to know she had lost her vision as an effect of leukemia, a cruel twist of fate in her battle against the disease. As I stood by her side, watching her fragile form, I couldn’t help but wonder how she was going to cope.

But then, I witnessed something extraordinary. Her husband, her steadfast companion, never left her side, his unwavering presence a hope in the midst of despair. I watched as he cared for her, without any hesitation.

Yes, amidst the love that surrounded her, there was an undeniable pain. She couldn’t see herself or the faces of her brother and husband. The inability to witness her own reflection or the familiar faces of her loved ones was a source of suffering, a reminder of the cruel hand fate had dealt her.

Each time she asked how she looked, his response was always the same – that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. His words were not just empty reassurance but a testament to the depth of his love and the beauty he saw in her, beyond physical appearance.

Day by day, as I made my visits, I witnessed their bond. Their love lit my own life, filling me with hope and inspiration. My connection with the couple deepened with each passing day. I and my team decided to do something special for the couple. We planned an event to surprise them, presenting a rose and asking her husband to propose to her once again. She was filled with blushes, her smile reflected her inner happiness.

The patient’s healing journey was swift and remarkable, aided by the treatment of the doctors and also by the unwavering love and care of her husband.

It was through their love that I learned the true meaning of devotion and selflessness. In their presence, I found  solace and strength, and my faith in love’s enduring power was reaffirmed.
As the 44-year-old woman’s spirit slowly began to heal under her husband’s loving care, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and admiration. In their love, I found the answer to my doubts and fears. True love wasn’t a myth; it was real, and it was powerful enough to light up even the darkest nights.


The Service Excellence team captured the special moments by encouraging the child’s artistic talent and created a “WOW” moment.

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K-SPARK is a “Campus to Corporate” initiative from Kauvery, designed to engage and inspire the Management students. The first batch was from Sri Ramachandra Faculty of Management Sciences (SRFMS), SRIHER pursuing their BBA in Hospital and Health System Management. The session provided valuable insights into Healthcare Operations, Medical Administration, Hospital Safety, Supply Chain Management, Digital Strategy and Innovations, HR functions and Career development thereby allowing participants to understand how a hospital functions and the role of different professionals in delivering healthcare services. Through this session the participants gained knowledge about the future trends in the healthcare industry.

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Kauvery-HOPE (HR Induction version 2.0)

We conducted HR Induction – Kauvery-HOPE for the newbies during the month of March.

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Say hello to our new Kauverians!

Keep your eyes peeled because you’re definitely going to see them around. Don’t be shy, say hello – they’re a lively and vibrant group that would love to get to know you.



This training is all about training about Care of Patients and Nursing Documentation.

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We conducted NABH General awareness and safety training for all our employees across the hospital.

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Our employees came together to appreciate and have fun during Vanakkam Kauvery event.

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Laughter Yoga Therapy

Laughter Yoga Therapy, in commemoration of World Kidney Day, was observed on 14th March. The event aimed at increasing awareness on stress management and how stress can be a risk factor for Kidney Disease.

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