Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

Email: gmd@kauveryhealthcare.com

dr venkita suresh

Dear Readers,

The 22 April 24 issue of NIGHTINGALE shall explode with talent, energy and enthusiasm.

Vishalini, cardiac technician from Heart City, presents two vividly illustrated case reports on device closure and open heart surgery on VSD.

R. Shanthi, senior nurse from Nellai, reports on a patient with Steven Johnson Syndrome, a potentially fatal adverse reaction of skin.

Shanthi scores again with a report on Capsule Endoscopy.

Savoir Faire is French for ” Know How?!” Vishnu, DNS, Hosur, writes about how ‘almost every one’ at Kauvery Hosur , and he, efficiently managed a mass casualty situation ‘all night!

Whereas Prathap, Subina and Sivagami from Salem write on how they successfully managed a 75 yrs aged man with severe head injury.

Cecily Ruby, Nurse Educator at Trichy Cantonment Kauvery reports on the first episode of Acute Gouty Arthritis in a young man, not a common condition in India. She and I had seen this young man with acute pain at the ER. We both thought it was gout, it was!

Chlorine gas is a notorious occupational hazard. Vinothini and Mahalakshmi from Tennur describe their heroic salvage of a young man” s life.

Sangeetha, cardiac technician from Heart City, reports on how they first did primary PCI to LCX followed by an elective one to LAD, for a patient whose ST shot up sky high during a stress test.

Dhanasekaran , Manager Clinical Governance, traces  the birth of Corporate Governance followed by that of Clinical Governance. Both had crystallized as preventive disciplines, from the simmering cauldron of misgovernance that exposed the miserable consequences of misgovernance which brought corporations like Enron and Lehman brothers crashing and the NHS hospital at Bristol break the hearts of children and their parents.

Ca Cx is traceable to a virus HPV and a vaccine saves lives. Chandru, Clinical Pharmacist as well as Tech Editor of this journal, writes about prevention-inoculation with a vaccine.

Noorul, Clinicaal Pharmacist at Tennur, resuscitates us with a new drug for shock- Centhaquine!

‘Scorching Summer is here, eat cool’ says Sheba Sherin Charles, Clinical Dietician from Heart City.

Dhanasekar, AGM Business Excellence, waxes eloquent on a Six sigma exercise at Trichy Kauvery, a data driven approach to patient care.

We are about to close with Sangeetha and Loganayaki, Flying Angel Nurses from Hosur who write in raptures! They have thanked Kauvery” s Founders, Co- Founders and Promoters for “making a dream come true, among the clouds, where angels belong.”

What better way to close this sterling issue than by breaking joyously into poetry?

Debut poet Mechael Merlin from Tennur praises the Lord through a brief poem but seasoned poet Bala from Salem bursts forth in a torrent, eulogizing both the river and the house of healing that was born on its banks twenty five years ago.

Do sing with the Nightingales.


The Nightingale is a pan- Kauvery publication.

It is not a Trichy- Salem- Hosur edition!

Requesting all KAUVERIANS to write for the NIGHTINGALE!