Billing and insurance


Billing and insurance are two of the most important aspects of a patient’s seamless experience in a hospital. At Kauvery Hospital, we provide our patients with accurate and transparent billing services.

To serve our patients efficiently, we request that the following information be provided at the time of billing to the billing department.

  • Patient MRD number
  • Patient’s insurance card copy
  • Any required payments or co-payment methods for the hospital’s reference


During the admission process, an initial deposit will have to be made. A separate in-patient billing department is available (please refer to our location / direction link to locate the in-patient billing department at any one of our facilities). The deposit amount will depend on the type of room requested for. This deposit amount is required pending the approval from your insurance provider, and will be refunded once approval is received. In the event your insurance provider does not provide their approval within 2 days of your admission, then the patient is requested to settle the dues on their hospital stay and later prefer their claim with their insurance company.

For the convenience of our International patients, our insurance staff team will help verify the insurance coverage available together with information on benefits available to patients who are scheduled for procedures and stay at any one of our campuses. Our expert staff will work directly with your insurance provider to confirm that all the authorizations are approved, preceding a patient’s visit.

Our hospital at all the locations are accredited and recognized by all major insurance companies. For a list of the Insurance providers that we work with internationally, we request you to please contact us. Other than the insurance companies listed, we will not be able to accept or process any other foreign insurance coverage for treatment requirements. The coverage is subject to approval from the insurance company under reference.

As per Insurance coverage provided by the insurance companies on our list, the coverage is valid only for patients who have been hospitalized.

Modes of Payment

All major Visa / Mastercard, credit cards are accepted by us. In addition we accept Traveller’s cheques. Alternatively payment may be made by cash either in the local currency or certain foreign currencies (please check with the desk for currencies that are acceptable).


Innocent prayer!

“My sister and I were playing happily when amma called us home for a drink – the traditional herbal concoction to drive the cold away, or so she thought. Little did we know that, soon we would end up in the middle of a nightmare. In a matter of few hours, I could not walk or breathe and my sister who just drank a little also felt the same.

Pulmonary edema and low BP kept us in the ICU for 10days. My sister was fine while I could not even move my limbs for 3 weeks. Mom didn’t budge from my bedside and the doctors and nurses were by my side like God’s angels. Gradually, I became better. Today, though I have a little problem in speaking and walk with support, I’m Happy to be alive in my own sweet world, comprising my sister, mom and dad who will move the earth for me.”