A Sudden Cardiac Arrest is when there is a sudden loss of heart function, leading to loss of consciousness and even death. It is caused by a problem in the electrical system of the heart, which stops the pumping of blood to the body and the brain.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest often strikes without warning and can happen to anyone! If you have any of the risk factors below, get a cardiac check-up done periodically to help prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

We often think of a heart attack and a sudden cardiac arrest being the same but there is a huge difference. A heart attack occurs when there is a block in the blood flow to the heart. A sudden cardiac arrest happens when there is a heart malfunction and the heart stops beating. A heart attack is diagnosed as a circulation problem while a sudden cardiac arrest is an electrical problem

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    What to do


    Call for an ambulance


    Perform CPR immediately

    Act quickly when

    A person suddenly collapses
    no pulse
    There is no pulse
    no breathing
    There is no breathing
    loss of consciousness
    Loss of consciousness
    chest pain
    Chest pain and palpitations