The Comprehensive Institutes of Transplant Centers at Kauvery Hospitals (Trichy, Chennai, Karaikudi and Hosur) offer various options to individuals requiring a Pancreas Transplant. A pancreas transplantation could be the life-enhancing option that may be needed, particularly for those who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a condition that occurs when the pancreas is not making enough insulin and blood sugar levels rise to unhealthy levels.

It is a surgical procedure that replaces the dysfunctional or improperly functioning pancreas, with a healthy pancreas, usually obtained from a deceased donor.
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There are 4 types of pancreas transplants

In this procedure, people with early or no kidney disease and with diabetes are considered for a pancreas transplant. This is a solitary or stand-alone procedure not involving any other organ transplant.

In many cases, a combination of kidney-pancreas transplant may be performed simultaneously on people who are diabetic and who are at risk for kidney damage.

Patients who may have a long wait for both kidney and pancreas donors to be available, may first undergo a kidney transplant to replace the damaged kidney and after recovering from the kidney transplant surgery, will undergo the pancreas transplant procedure, as and when an organ becomes available.

The islet cells in the pancreas produce the insulin. These cells are taken from a deceased donor's pancreas and are injected into the vein that transports blood to the liver. Generally more than one injection is necessary to transplant the islet cells.

Even though a living donor can contribute a part of their pancreas and may be used in some cases, nonetheless pancreas transplant is usually done using a deceased donor's organ.

Why Consider Kauvery Hospital for Your Transplant Options

You will be in the safe hands of a professional health care team comprising of:

  • Internationally Trained and Experienced Surgeons
  • Internationally Trained and Experienced Physicians, Doctors and Specialists
  • Nursing care from Kauvery Hospital's chosen best in nursing and care-giving
  • Smart Technology together with state-of-the art medical equipment
  • Sterile theatres with cutting-edge operating tools and equipment
  • Lots of TLC post-surgery both in the ICU and on the wards

And above all, you will be back on your feet leading a normal life, postsurgical, and after our intense after care and follow up care services.

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