Kauvery Hospital is a multispecialty family hospital and houses a multi-displinary team of doctors, physicians, specialists, surgeons, radiologists, and other medical professionals, many of whom have trained and practiced internationally. All our facilities / Centers of Excellence are equipped with avant-garde technology and infrastucture

Kauvery hospital has satisfied the requirement of Halal friendly services and Halal food supply in accordance with Shariah(Islamic) Board guidelines.


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Patient Stories


“We are very satisfied with the staff’s n sisters. Very much satisfied. Thank you for the hospitality with the patients. Very good. Thank you.”


“Insurance staff are very courteous and fast in their response better than Apollo and Malar. You need to maintain this when the volume increases. All nursing staff are courteous and good. Special mention to Subha and Priya.”


“Surgeon Dr Gopal Murugan & Cardiologist Dr. Shivakadasham clearly explained the importance of Angioplasty before surgery. I was very comfortable with services they provide that includes surgery. All the staff nurses took good care of me and my attendants. All medical and non-medical staffs monitored me during my stay here. The hospital is cleanly maintained and the environment is also good. I thank all the staff for the co-operation extended to me.”


“My wife had very good pregnancy care under Dr Sabeeha and her team and also the nursing care given by nursing staffs was excellent. They also took care of my munchkin very well when he was down with neonatal jaundice.”


“Very good facility and they have taken very good care. Very happy with the service.”


“Competent doctors and caring staff. My father, aged 89 was cared for so well by the nurses who ran the extra mile in motivating my father and helping him heal faster. Room facilities and services were timely and responsive.”


“It was a great opportunity to meet an amazing personality Dr R Balasubramaniam Nephrologist at Kauvery Hospital. Life is all about meeting good people. I felt happy and blessed to interact with him, though for few minutes but gave a lot of insight to living quality life, apart of my Medical Consultation with him.
My prayers to God to Bless him and his family. Kauvery Hospital is gifted to have such rare personalities with them.”


“I am Dr.Aravindan Selvaraj’s patient. I was admitted for Arthroscopy on 21/7/2015. All the staff members treated me like a family member and I am so happy for that. This type of approach and care has given me confidence that my problem and stress would subside 50-60% after treatment. Thanks to all the staff and duty doctors.
And I have no words to tell about Dr.Aravindan Selvaraj. He is very kind and very soft in character. Thanks a lot doctor.”


“The hospital ambiance is clean. The staff and doctors are so helpful. I want to particularly mention and place my appreciation for Divya at the front office and Dr. Kavitha and Dr. Ramya too. Dr. Jayabharathi was highly informative and caring. Thanks a lot.”


“Excellent service by the staffs. Friendly and cheerful nurses and ward managers. Doctors are very friendly and well experienced and gave good treatment for this serious condition and discharged us in two days.
Housekeeping and security staffs did an excellent work. Our best wishes and congratulations to Kauvery Hospital. Thank you all for the wonderful service.”


“All the Doctors and Hospital staff were wonderful. Everyone was extremely supportive Dr.Manikandhan, Dr.Sridhar and the entire ICU team. Dr.Sundar, Dr.S.Kannan, Dr.Yamini were extremely approachable and understanding. We are extremely grateful to them.”


“It was a great opportunity to meet an amazing personality Dr R Balasubramaniam Nephrologist at Kauvery Hospital. Life is all about meeting good people. I felt happy and blessed to interact with him, though for few minutes but gave a lot of insight to living quality life, apart of my Medical Consultation with him. My prayers to God to Bless him and his family. Kauvery Hospital is gifted to have such rare personalities with them.”


“Dr.Avijit Basu was excellent God bless. All the nurses were excellent and attentive. Overall excellent team keep up the good work and facilities. God bless Thanks Regards.”


“Good care taken by Dr.Sekar, Dr.Sairam and nurses.”


“I have to tell about Kauvery Hospital. This is a complete hospital. The team of good middle-aged doctors are very sharp and concerned about their patients. The hospital is absolutely clean, not even the smell of medicines is there. The rooms are sufficient in size and are cool and comfortable.
All medical test facilities including CT SCAN are available. Decisions are taken then and there. Expenses are less compared to other high end hospitals. The hospital is situated in the heart of the Chennai city at Eldams road junction in Alwarpet. Transportation is easy. One should not come to a hospital but in case of necessity, like suffering from severe diseases etc., you can trust and come to Kauvery hospital. This is my experience.”


“I am treating my father for the past one year for dialysis and I am completely satisfied with the treatment and the cooperation given by all the departments in the hospital. I like to personally thank Dr.Balasubramaniam and his dedicated team for the excellent work they do for me and all the patients.
I also like to thank the Reception Staff Ms.Suganya, Mr.Vincent, Mr.Walter, Mr.Sam, Mr.James, the driver Mr. Rajesh and Ms.Anita, Nursing supervisor for all the help they have rendered to me. I sincerely wish Dr.Aravindan Selvaraj and his team success in all their endeavours. I like to thank Mr .Sridhar from insurance department also. Wish you a grand success Kauverians. God Bless You all.”


“On behalf of Brig. R Ranganathan (Retd.) 94 yrs a BIG THANK YOU to Dr Aravindan Selvaraj and his entire team at Kauvery Hospitals, Chennai. This phenomenal team led by Dr Aravindan Selvaraj have revolutionised ‘Geriatric Care’. Special thanks to the wonderful and dedicated nursing staff (Ellen James, Pauline Charles, Priyadarshini, Jhansi, Reeta and all others).”


“I’ve never encountered a person who’s heart is so tender, compassionate and pleasant. Dr. Yamini kannappan is a shining example of what every doctor should strive to be. Sometimes it takes a while to recognise that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals.
Her faith in me has lifted me up countless times when I have doubted myself and she’s been instrumental in pushing me to fight for what I thought was impossible.


“Very good hospital. Excellent service from admission to discharge. No hassles. Professional nursing care. Excellent diagnostic and superb intervention by Dr Premsekar, one of the top notch Paediatric cardiologist, who is exceptional in his field besides having highest ethical standards. He is gentle and highly professional.

He looks after the baby under his care, way no one can match him. I would like to recommend every one especially paediatric cardiology division. All the best and keep up the good work.”


“My wife having suffered from her right hand and left leg pains for so many years without finding a proper solution in my home country hospitals, we took trouble to travel to India for medical check-ups and possibly treatment.
We visited the Kauvery Spine Centre and met Dr Balamurali for advice. Upon a series of check-ups, it was observed that my wife had problems on her spinal cord and the Dr recommended for surgery. The surgery was done successfully and from that day my wife is feeling better than ever before. According to her, she has got a lot of pain relief such that she can now get asleep well than ever before. It is hope that she will recover completely and resume her normal life within the coming few months. We sincerely appreciate high quality services offered by this hospital and at a very reasonable cost. We met very friendly and hardworking staff at the hospital. High professionalism shown by Balamurali and his team is also highly appreciated. Keep it up.”


My heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful medical care Dr. Aravindan and his team of doctors rendered me at Kauvery hospital during January, 2015 when I was admitted for surgical treatment of multiple fractures of my left ankle.

I have to commend Dr. Aravindan’s surgical skills because of which I am walking today and my ankle function has mostly recovered in spite of the presence of multiple surgical implants needed to keep the joint together. My primary orthopedic surgeon in USA was particularly appreciative of his expertise and even mentioned that he or anyone else in USA could not have done a better job. Dr. Mukund who is among your team of doctors was very diligent and provided excellent post op follow up care besides addressing my multiple concerns. He provided a lot of confidence and support during that period. I will be ever grateful to him. I feel very fortunate that I was able to get you as my surgeon for which I am extremely thankful to Dr. Laxmipathy who referred me to you. Moreover he also kept my multiple ongoing health conditions under control during my surgery and post op period facilitating my speedy recovery. He was most attentive to my medications and routinely monitored my labs. He is a very good and compassionate physician with a very superb bedside manner. Your nursing staff and physical therapists at the Kauvery hospital were also very professional and capable. I can say for sure that their support and nursing care also played a critical role in my speedy recovery for which I am very thankful to them. In short the entire experience of medical and surgical treatment that I underwent at Kauvery was exemplary and I feel it was in par with the quality medical care provided at other countries around the world. Since then I have quoted your hospital as providing top notch care whenever I have discussed my orthopedic problem with my friends, family and even my colleagues at work. I highly recommend any prospective patients to visit your hospital while considering any orthopedic surgery or geriatric care and also for general medical care. I wish you, your staff and Kauvery hospital a great deal of success in future to become the world class health care providers that you deserve to be. Keep it up.”


“Babies are the most precious gift for every parent in this world, but the minute they come to know that their child is having a severe ailment that may cost his or her life, that is the minute parents lose all their strength and happiness.
We were also one among those parents who where totally dejected to know that our precious little bundle of joy had a VSD (Large) that required an open heart surgery to get cured. We came to know Kauvery Hospital after visiting and consulting multiple hospitals and doctors. The overwhelming support that we got from Dr. Premsekhar, Dr. Prasanth Shah gave us a great confidence that our joy is going to come back. They gave us detailed explanation of the problem and the steps that will be given to cure the ailment, the surgery procedure and medication. We got admitted in a week, we got complete support from Ms. Saranya(Dr.Prasanth shah’s Assistant) with the admission,insurance and blood transfusion process. Sister Bobby from blood transfusion lab gave us the required guidance to transfuse blood safely. We got immense support from all the staffs and nurses with respect to the surgery procedure. Last but not the least, I would also take this opportunity to thank Dr. Lakshmi and her team who gave the best care to our child in the ICU. They were like his parents in our absence in the ICU. Without their support it would have been difficult for us to be peaceful during our kid’s stay in ICU. Having said all the great support that we received from the hospital staff, I would like to give a gentle suggestion for the hospital management to expand the hospital and construct more rooms as people are so confident of Kauvery Hospital that at times there are not enough rooms to get admitted. If this is also improved Kauvery Hospital would be the first best hospital in Chennai. Once again our sincere thanks to Dr.Premsekhar, Dr. Prasanth Shah (Surgeon), Dr. Lakshmi and Team, Saranya and Admin Staffs and all the nurses who took care of our baby.”


Dear Dr. Aravindan
“I was resisting writing this piece from the 2nd of February 2017. Not because I did not want to write, but choosing the time to write. Dilemma is because, I am in the middle of the treatment in your hospital.
Now I have decided the time is come for me to write. (Better now than never, is the key word). As you would know, this is my second visit to the hospital in the last 2 years as a patient. The first time, when I had the fracture in my hand. Your team and yourself took charge of my health headache and sorted out the same, in a matter of factly manner. But this time, I landed with a different medical challenge, namely a punctured and bloody esophagus coupled with bloody vomit. Situation that would warrant emergency attention at lightening speed, as the situation could turn out to be life threatening, otherwise.
From the moment I contacted you, and till this minute, the support I have received both medically and psychologically out of Kauvery is “OUTSTANDING”. Take it from me, when I say it is outstanding, it indeed is, because, I do not ever mince words.
Knowing you, I take it for granted, that your service would be outstanding. This is not the reason I want to write this note.
The purpose of writing this note is about the institution and the institution building. If there is someone would have a clue or two on this subject, I would arrogantly claim “I know it all, having been a founder of an organization myself”. Maintaining excellence, over time, with newer employees joining the organisation is always a challenge to the founder. To steer the fresh entrants, and make them focus to a goal for which they were not part of the foundation is always the challenge for the founding member. I must say, Kauvery scores really well in maintaining its objectives intact. That proves the system is at work. I am not talking about the system in a grammatical sense. I am talking about the system that are not visible to lesser humans, but visible only to the person who understand that “x” factor called excellence.
Here is my strong take. To make ordinary people to produce extra-ordinary results is the leadership is all about.
I found in you a great leader in that sense. The next challenge to Kauvery would be to scale up your operations. I am sure, like many leaders you are biding your time to scale it up. This has to happen. I am sure, many faulted during the scale up, particularly in your industry, more so in Chennai! Because, Chennai produced more hospitals, in my view than any other city in the world in a matter of the last 2 to 3 dacade time frame. I do not want to name the failed leaderships. The principle reason they failed because, their models were faulty! Their objectives were wrong. Money making can not be an objective. In the pursuit of excellence, the end product is money! Each time I visit Kauvery, I am curious and I study the changes.
I think you have a strong foundation. You are getting it right in the talent hunt. Your doctors have great respect for you. They are immensely talented. Your staff adore you, not because, you pay them well. But because, you respect them. And they reciprocate. Your patients like you , not just because, they are treated well, but they return home with a better state of mind. Your technology hunt has a purpose. Your adversaries fear Kauvery. This is time to go after volume. In your own “unassuming, friendly, hospitable, kind style”. Take it from me: “You would succeed”.


My experience and that of my family with Kauvery Hospital has been excellent the past six years. I underwent bi-lateral TKR here.I have been having severe back pain since 2015 for which I was advised surgery in December last year.

I met Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj and expressed my apprehensions about spinal surgery. He said in his own reassuring style and smile that Kauvery had the best spine team and I would certainly benefit. His assurance was enough for me to opt for this major surgery. Dr. Balamurali and Dr. Vignesh explained in detail the procedures involved and performed the surgery. The entire spine team including Ms. Nithya, Ms. Geetha, spine physio and the nursing staff on the 6th floor saw to it that I was kept calm and comfortable all through my 6-day stay at the hospital. I must make a special mention of the ever smiling Ms. Thenmozhi who extended help in all possible ways. My grateful thanks to Dr. Lakshmipathy Ramesh who was ever willing to go to any extent to advise me whenever I consulted him at Kauvery. I messaged Dr. Aravindan today to tell him that I have recovered well after two months and have got back to my active volunteering life. I am very proud to mention here that Dr. Aravindan not only listens to our health problems keenly but is quick to issue instructions to staff if any suggestions for improvements are made. I wonder how many Dr. Aravindans are there in the medical field today! I wish Kauvery Hospital all the very best and hope they keep scaling new heights every day! Kauvery is indeed a Family Hospital! “


“Very sincere doctors and nursing staff. But inpatient pharmacy should be improved.”


“Excellent Hospital, i really recommend this hospital to all my neighbors. Doctor’s treatment is very good.”


“Well experienced Doctors and nurses. State of the art equipment and facilities. Good hospital for cardiac alignment and treatments.”


“Admitted my dad for angioplasty at this hospital. They have done their Job well and they all are very kind to my family.”


“My wife is taking treatment from June for liver cancer. Best doctors.( Bhaskar Rao, Anees). Best nurses. Super lab facilities. Congratulations. Keep it up, administration.”


“Dr B Vijaya Sekharan , MD, DM took complete care and did comprehensive analysis & Angiogram for my father. Thanks very much for his detailed attention and thanks to Kauvery Hospital overall.


“Have undergone spinal Surgery under Dr. Jos Jasper and his team. The way they treat me is best and all of them especially Dr. Sri Hari, Dr. Mayilan, Dr. Praveen are in six sigma level perfection. The team is a gift to Kauvery and to the society too…


“Kauvery Hospital’s other arm is Kauvery heart city. A specialized hospital for heart and related ailments. Popular one in Trichy. Leading doctors in the city are available here. The entrance for Kauvery heart city and Kauvery Hospital are one and the same You can expect good service.”


“Dear Team, It has always been a convincing experience at KMC. Appreciate the competence and the teamwork of Medical professionals and the staff nurses. Wishing the KMC team for their good noble medical services. Special mention – Dr. Senguttuvan He has been absolutely incredible in his core area. Thank you and All the best. Cheers!! Ghayaz”


“My dad was admitted on emergency with low reading on vitals. From the moment he was admitted to the emergency, to the discharge from the hospital, we had a positive experience. Doctors and staff showed transparency in the procedure they handled and was very professional. Hospital was very systematic and followed procedures. Name any staff, Doctor, Nurse, cleaning staff, or management staff, etc..everyone was very polite and attended the patient like their own family member with care. Half of the cure came from medical treatment and half from care and given by hospital staff member. We thank every staff member at Kauvery Hospital for the care provided. Our sincere thanks to Dr Varun Prassana who took the lead in the case. Also sincere thanks to Dr Nadar Pradap & his team Dr Ashique, Dr. Saravanan (JJ) from Plastic surgery department Also staff members in the sixth and fourth floor. Our dedicated thanks to the ward boys and lift operators who were very courteous every time Also our appreciation and thanks to Mr Ariff from the management who had his ears open for all our needs during the time of treatment.”


“We came here for the Annual Health checkup. The overall experience is great: hospital staff are guided really well and the environment is clean. Also the physician explained in detail. Highly recommended.”


“Dr. S. Ravikumar’s Surgery is one of the most turning point of my life.thank u so much sir. he is so kind & care .lot of thanks to u sir .nurses also good care thanks for everything.”


“We are very happy with this hospital. I delivered a second baby at 29 weeks. He was in a very critical situation. He was admitted in NICU under Dr.Rajkumar sir (paediatrician). Excellent treatment was given. Now my son has fully recovered. He is the only reason for my son surviving now. Myself and my family members are very thankful to Dr. Raj Kumar sir.”


“We would like to Recommend Dr.Kabilan sir.. We had admitted our father for Angio.. As a Doctor he had clearly explained what was the Issue and Gave a clarity of what was the Issue and How can we solve that… We would Like to Thank Dr.Kabilan Sir to gave back my Father as before as how he was..Once again I Thank you kabilan Sir from our Family too.. Thank you.”


“My mom got admitted here. Cardiologists are great here. The environment is good. Overall, a good hospital in Chennai.”


“One of the best hospitals in Hosur, cardiologist treatment was really good better than other super speciality hospitals in Bangalore and Hosur.”


“We visited Kauvery Hospital for my mother’s surgery. Dr. Murali Jayaraman is soft-spoken and friendly. He patiently answered all our queries. We are very happy with the treatment. The nursing staff is kind & co-operative. Overall we had a wonderful and hassle-free experience. Thank you Kauvery.”


“I had a Good Experience with Dr.Magesh L He is Very Genuine and worth for visiting I Am totally satisfied with him for my Daughter 6months old.”