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When faced with a difficult medical condition or the inability to make choices, seeking a second medical opinion, from a specialist, surgeon or physician, to understand alternative treatment options is a sound process to follow.

Getting a second opinion means you are consulting with another doctor to confirm your diagnosis, find other possible treatment options, which will enable you to make a decision. At the same time, getting a second medical opinion should never be delayed as the quicker you act, the quicker the treatment process can be started and the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.


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    • When the diagnosis reveals a serious or life-threatening medical condition.
    • When seeking alternative treatment options to existing options in the patient’s country.
    • When the patient is considering a treatment option still in the experimental stages.
    • Every patient does have the right to seek a second opinion. At the same time make sure you are seeking it from a medical professional who is specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of your kind of medical condition.
    • Taking the initiative and making decisions with reference to your healthcare is very important to you.
    • When faced with a diagnosis of a medical condition that is serious in nature or even life-threatening, instead of undergoing treatment immediately, it is always to the patient’s benefit to seek a second or third opinion and weighing the treatment options, is a judicious approach.
    • Your proactive involvement in your healthcare / treatment options, will lead to better degree of control for you.
    • Make your decisions based on gaining full knowledge on your diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis.

    Will your Primary Care Physician get upset with you seeking a second medical opinion?

    All medical professionals will welcome another opinion and will be open to recommending you to the appropriate specialist. Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons, and Other Medical Professionals. All of them understand your need and rights to seek alternative treatment options / diagnosis / confirmation of your medical condition and therefore will share your information with the new physician from whom you are seeking a second opinion. In many cases doctors themselves suggest that a patient seeks a second opinion and will recommend a specialist.

    The possibility exists that the opinion could differ from one doctor to the other. The difference of opinion could be with reference to diagnosis, treatment options available and the outcomes. The opinions generated are based on factors such as:

    • The type of advanced technology available.
    • The Doctor’s school of thought and where they were trained.
    • Methods of treatment together with the experience of treating conditions such as yours.

    When a second opinion is similar to the first, this helps build more confidence in you, especially if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness. Understanding your medical problem completely and taking decisions based on those inputs, enables you to deal with your condition and helps you to work with your healthcare providers to get the best outcomes, possible.

    An appetite for miracles

    I was in the best of health. Or that is what I believed before I got the results of a routine health checkup done at Kauvery Hospital. It revealed something I could not digest, literally and figuratively. I had Esophagealtumour, which was not so benign. A series of therapies followed, but hope was on the decline. But the doctors at Kauvery kept at it. Through a simple keyhole technique, they turned thetables. The change in me was incredible. I was up on my toes in 2 days and back to work in no time. Who says miracles don’t happen?