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Kauvery Hospital’s healthcare system offers a variety of treatment options for a range of medical conditions. The nature of our care services rendered to our International patients are of the highest quality. At Kauvery Hospital, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of both Physicians and their referral patients and we are committed to maintaining an open communication for prompt follow-ups, while and after your patient has been in our care.

Notwithstanding, the type of service you may require, whether it is help with a second opinion, seeking information on our medical education and training program or simply looking for a clinical connection, our trained, expert staff are available to coordinate and assist all our international patients, throughout their visit to our facilities.

For all new referrals, we request that your referral information contains the following:

  • Contact Information of the Referring Physician, together with their address and phone number
  • The name of the Patient being referred and date of birth
  • Reason for referring
  • Insurance information for the patient
  • Authorization (if required)
  • At which facility / location of Kauvery Hospital / Physician’s name, your referral patient requires to be treated

For full details of all our facilities / locations, we request you to refer to our Location / Directions link and for details of our Physicians / Departments / Specialties, please refer to our Department & Care Centers link.

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