The Mountains and Me โ€“ Thoughts While Trekking

Around six years ago, I never imagined myself climbing a mountain. I was a gym person and participated in marathons and runs.

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Delaying Hospital visit during a health emergency will lead to complications

Amongst all the chaos of Covid 19 pandemic across the world and in our city, as Emergency physicians we find there is a tendency of people to avoid visiting the hospital for various reasons.

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This Too Shall Pass

Let us do our bit by staying home, being aware and considerate and staying positive that this too shall pass.

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Corona - What is the Scare About?

The world is reeling around the terrible tragedy in Wuhan city of China

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Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis or weakness/fragility of the bones

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Lessons To Learn From India's Freedom Struggle

India is unique. We got our freedom not by fighting war...

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