CT Robot Guided Interventions @ Kauvery Hospital
ct robot b

We are happy to announce the installation of a new CT guided robot in our hospital. CT guided robotic positioning system helps in fast and accurate tumor targeting and tool placement for interventions like biopsy, FNAC, pain management, drainage and tumor ablation.

It can be used for targeting and tool placement in deep seated lesions requiring orbital or crano-caudal angulation or a combination of both. It helps to reduce the number of needle punctures, check scans, procedure time, patient pain and radiation exposure.

Advantages of Robot Guided Procedures:

  • Precision for small sized lesions
  • Time saving
  • Reduction in radiation exposure
  • Better patient compliance since procedures can be done in different positions
  • Reduced number of passes during biopsy
  • Low risk of non target biopsies
  • Low complication rate

Clinical Applications:

  • Pain interventions like facet joint injection, selective nerve root block.
  • Image guided biopsy of Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Vertebra, Retroperitoneal nodes
  • Image guided FNAC
  • RF Ablation for Liver, Lung, Renal Cancer and osteiod osteoma of bone
  • Alcohol Ablation like celiac plexus ablation
  • Drainage Procedures like deep seated intra abdominal abscess drainage
  • Fiducial Marker placement for radiotherapy

Article by Dr. Iyappan Ponnuswamy MD, FRCR, Chief Radiologist