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Yes, reversing diabetes is possible with our expertise and your commitment.

Diabetes is a condition that a great number of people in the country are grappling with. The good news is – recent research has shown that prevention and even reversal are attainable goals.

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Weight loss benefits for diabetics

Lose weight. Win against diabetes.

Weight loss is the best and most effective way to put Type 2 Diabetes into remission. The results are most dramatic when you lose a significant amount of weight right after a diabetes diagnosis. But there have also been heartening instances of diabetes reversals even after 15 years of living with the disease.

In people with a high BMI, a quick yet safe weight loss of 15 kg or more greatly increases the likelihood of remission of diabetes. Weight loss also has many positive influences on one’s health. It is a great way to manage or prevent lifestyle diseases and improve overall health.

How can we help?

Achieving weight loss that is safe and permanent calls for a scientific approach. From preparing a customised nutrition plan to regulating hormone levels to weight loss surgeries, Kauvery Hospital is fully equipped to help patients in every way possible to achieve a healthy weight.

Weight loss benefits for diabetics

Weight loss benefits for diabetics

  • Possibility of diabetes reversal
  • Fewer medications
  • Better management of sugar levels
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Better overall health

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