Dishoom Dishoom Diabetes is a one-of-its-kind, Diabetes awareness expo to create the much-needed awareness among the public about Diabetes, Diabetes-related complications and in the current scenario, reiterating the importance of Diabetes management owing to post-COVID Diabetic complications.

Why should I attend Dishoom Dishoom Diabetes?

  • Comprehensive Diabetes Check-up Package inclusive of Diabetologist consultation
  • Interactive discussions with Doctors and specialists on various topics across specialties
  • Engaging Diabetes-related activities and games
  • Diabetic-friendly food stalls with healthy food recipes
  • Get access to a take-home sugar scorecard to monitor your numbers at home

It is the perfect place to understand, equip yourself and beat down Diabetes.


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    Throwback to Dishoom Dishoom Diabetes 2019

    Who all will benefit from Dishoom Dishoom Diabetes?

    type 2 diabetes
    Patients with Type II Diabetes
    Caretakers of Diabetics
    high risk diabetes
    Those with high-risk for Diabetes
    Pregnant women
    juvenile diabetes
    Children with Diabetes
    type 1 diabetes
    Patients with Type 1 Diabetes