Dr. Shuba Hariprasad

Dr. Shuba Hariprasad


M.B.B.S., M.D.(General Medicine)


Critical Care



About the Doctor

Designation: Critical Care Specialist
Educational Qualifications
  • M.D. - General Medicine, Oct. 2002, "Ovidious" University, Constanta, Romania.
  • Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI), Mar. 2006 - Feb. 2007,   M.O.S.C. Medical College Hospital, Kolenchery, Kerala
  • Immediate Trauma Life Support (ITLS), Jul. 2007, Ernakulam Medical Center, Cochin, Kerala (Organized by Trauma Life Support Society of India under the joint aegis of the Kerala Orthopedic Association and the Cochin Surgical Society).
Specialty Experience
  • Independently consulted & treated an average of 50 multidisciplinary patients on a daily basis.
  • Trained in & performed emergency/clinical procedures including I &D, wound debridement, suturing, intubation, ICD, needle decompression, CPR & nasogastric tube insertion.
  • Managed medical/surgical emergencies including MI, hypertensive crisis, hypoglycemia, seizures, poisoning, bites, anaphylaxis, peritonitis, cellulitis, burns, pneumo/hemothorax, blunt/penetrating trauma & polytrauma.
  • Collaborated with colleagues & conducted free medical camps. Educated the community in disease prevention & lifestyle modification to prevent diabetes, hypertension & CAD.
  • Responsible for guiding & coaching medical students in various aspects of administering ER patient care.
  • Systematically consulted, cared for and managed multiple critically ill patients and consequently provided quality care even in high pressure situations.
  • During OB/GYN rotation, was the quickest to learn & manage normal labor without supervision, perform tubectomies as the primary surgeon & perfectly executed closure of uterus in a C-section.
  • As a junior doctor, was given several opportunities as a first assist in a variety of surgical procedures including Grayhack procedure, sapheno-femoral ligation, cleft lip & palate repair & various laparoscopic procedures enabling me to prove & improve manual dexterity.
  • Citing two distinct patients, both seriously injured. One with severe polytrauma, the other with fracture of the pelvis & femur complicated with diabetes & stage IV decubitus ulcers. Sharing their fears, concerns & hopes, treating & nursing them back to health instilled a whole new dimension to my profession & an immense sense of accomplishment both as an individual & a doctor.


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