Dr. Nedounsejiane Mandjiny -Top Vascular Surgeon in Trichy Cantonment

Dr. Nedounsejiane Mandjiny


M.B.B.S., M.S.(General Surgery), M.Ch.(Vascular Surgery)


Vascular Surgery


Trichy - Cantonment

About the Doctor

Designation: Vascular surgeons
Educational Profile
  • Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduation Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry. MB.,B.S (1996 - 2001)
  • Post Graduate Institute for Medical Education and Research(PGIMER), Chandigarh M.S., General Surgery (2004 - 2007)
  • Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences andTechnology (SCTIMST), Trivandrum M.Ch., Vascular Surgery (2010 - 2012)
Specialty Experience: 6 years
Kauvery Experience: 6 Months
Normal Procedures
  • RFA for varicose vein
  • Vascular reconstruction in Trauma and Iatrogenic injuries
  • AVF procedure for hemodialysis purpose.
  • Acute ischemia and chronic limb ischemias - Limb salvage procedures
Special Procedures
  • Thoracic at leg syndromes - Arterial rib excision with revascularization
  • Aortic reconstruction
  • Vericose thrombolysis
  • Bariatric transposition
Scholastic Performance
Complex Hepatic Injuries: an Audit from a Tertiary Center
  • Thiagarajan Srinivasan, Jai D. Wig, Rajesh Gupta, Thakur D. Yadav, Rudra P. Doley, Ashwinikumar Kudari, Nedounsejiane M and Rakesh Kochhar EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRAUMA AND EMERGENCY SURGERY Volume 34, Number 3 (2008), 287-293
  • Radical surgery for incidental cancer gallbladder after laparoscopic cholecystectomy Kaman L, Behera A, Singh G, Nedounsejiane M. TROP GASTROENTEROL. 2009 Oct-Dec;30(4):233-6.
  • Comparative study of low pressure versus standard pressure pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopic cholecystectomy--a randomised controlled trial. Kanwer DB, Kaman L, Nedounsejiane M, Medhi B, Verma GR, Bala I. TROP GASTROENTEROL. 2009 Jul-Sep;30(3):171-4.
  • Interrupted aortic arch beyond adolescence repaired by prosthetic vestibule from common carotid descending thoracic aorta - Journal of Vascular surgery Shashidhar kallappa PArameshwarappa , Nedounsajiane MandjinyVikram, Patra , Unnni Krishnan
Clinical Trials
VSICON 2008, Chandigarh
  • Posters
    • Surgery for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm in a pregnant patient with Takayasu Arteritis
    • Efficacy of Cilostazole Vs Cilostazole and Pentoxiphylline in patients with Peripheral Vascular Diseases
VSICON 2009, Hyderabad
  • Papers
    • Cytokines response following autologous stem cell treatment in patients suffering from lower limb ischemia
    • Evaluation of cytokinemia (TNF a, IL 6 & 1) following reperfusion in patients with acute lower limb ischemia
VSICON 2010, Chennai
  • Paper
    • Surgical experience with adult coarctation of aorta and its sequelae
  • Video session
    • Aorto-Bifemoral bypass
  • Posters
    • Spontaneous dissecting aneurysm of the abdominal aorta - surgical strategies
    • Late giant iatrogenic subclavian artery pseudoaneurysm
VSICON 2011, Mumbai
  • Paper
    • Is Coronary angiogram essential prior to elective major vascular surgery
  • Poster
    • Interrupted Aortic arch beyond adolescence - surgically managed
VSICON 2012, Jaipur
  • Paper
    • Recent experiences with hybrid repair of aortic arch aneurysms
  • Poster
    • Open repair of complex juxtarenal aortic aneurysms facilitated by division of left renal vein -top end strategy
    • Coarctation of aorta with traumatic pseudoaneurysm - contained rupture
    • Aberrancy of Subclavian artery - Sree Chitra Experience
  • Video
    • Chronic "Type B" Aortic dissection
    • MID-TERM MEETING OF VSI 2010 (Goa)
    • Presented a paper on "Venous diseases - an update"
    • INDOVASC 2012 (Bangalore)
    • Presented a paper on "Recent experiences on Hybrid repair of Aortic aneurysms"
Field of Interest:
  • Endovascular Procedures


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