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The surgical procedure used to repair the structural disorders of the brain is called brain surgery. There are several types of brain surgeries and the nomenclature is based on the region and type of disorder being treated. Advanced technology permits surgeons to operate on parts of the brain without making any incisions near the head.

Brain surgery is a very critical and complicated process and it is done to correct abnormalities in the brain. The defects in the brain can be birth defects, or other disorders, due to accidents and injuries. Brain surgery will be necessary if a patient suffers from any one of the following conditions:
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Types of Brain Surgery

This is an open surgery where an incision is made with a scalpel, near the area of treatment. The incision is made into the scalp, generating a hole or bone flap in the skull. This type of open surgery is performed when the neurosurgeon needs to remove tumors originating in the brain, to drain blood or fluids arising from an infection, clip off aneurysms, or remove abnormal brain tissue.

On completion of the procedure the bone flap is replaced with sutures, plates or wire. Sometimes in some cases the opening made in the skull may be left open, especially when treating tumors, brain swelling and infections. Leaving the surgical point of incision open is known as craniotomy.

A small incision or hole is made in the skull to extract a small quantity of brain tissue or tumor, to examine it under a microscope.

This is a minimally invasive surgery, which allows the brain surgeons to access parts of the brain to remove tumors or lesions. Without making any incisions, the surgeon operates through the nasal cavities and sinuses. Using an endoscope (a small telescopic device fitted with a camera and light), the surgeon operates to remove tumors on the pituitary gland, at the base of the skull and those tumors spreading across the brain.

This procedure is used to remove brain tumors. Small dime sized holes may be used to access parts of the brain.


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