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Kidney failure or end “stage kidney”, occurs because of:

  • Diabetic Nephropathy - damage to the filters in the kidneys over a number of years, due to high blood sugar levels.
  • Hypertension - High blood pressure in the tiny blood vessels of the kidneys causes damage and prevents the filters in the kidney from functioning effectively.
  • Renal Artery Stenosis - blockage of blood flow to the arteries leading to the kidneys.
  • Polycystic Kidney - inherited disease that causes large cysts or hollow spaces to form in the kidneys, disabling the kidneys from functioning normally.
  • Congenital Birth Defect - occurs in the foetal stage and manifests itself when 90% of the kidneys are damaged.
  • Dysfunction of the Immune System - when the body’s immune system malfunctions and fails to recognize the kidney as an organ in the body, the immune system attacks it.
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Patient Stories

An appetite for miracles

"Discovery of the first strand of grey hair sounds a series of alarms in people’s minds. They picture a life, incapacitated by various ailments. My ides of old age was no different. At the age of 64, I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. I had come to terms with it, believing that lifestyle disease were an inescapable part of elderly life. My life took a complete U-turn, when I went to Kauvery Hospital along with my insistent wife, for a check- up. We were referred to a Geriatrician, who specializes in healthcare for the elderly. He counseled us on the importance of eating and exercising right, leading an active and productive life and above all, he made us realize that age is just a number. He inspired me and my wife to discover the little joys of life. Today, I am a new person and it feels wonderful to be born again, after 60."


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