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Kauvery Hospital has its presence across 5 locations in Tamil Nadu - Chennai, Trichy, Salem, Hosur and Karaikudi. With a total of 7 units ( 3 in trichy and 1 each across all other cities) we are working towards providing quality healthcare across Tamil Nadu.

  • It is the state’s capital and is a large bustling metropolitan city.
  • The city serves as one of the largest gateways to South India and is a thriving destination for medical tourism.
  • The Kauvery Hospital campus is equidistant from the airport, railway station and the bus terminus.
  • The hospital is open 24x7 and provides a wide spectrum of medical services.
  • Being at the heart of the city, the hospital is easily accessible through multiple modes of transport.
  • Trichy is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu and a major economic hub in Tamil Nadu.
  • The city serves as the perfect transit location for travellers going down south in Tamil Nadu.
  • Trichy is where we laid our foundation and entered into healthcare, and hence, we boast 3 centres of excellence in Trichy.
  • The Flagship Campus and Centre of Excellence at Tennur, is 16 minutes away from the Tiruchirapalli International Airport and 10 minutes away from the Trichy Railway Station (Junction).
  • 7 minutes away and not far from our Tennur Campus, our Heart City Centre of Excellence campus is located at Alexandria Road and a few minutes away is our Royal Road, Cantonment Campus, all situated within easy reach of each other.
  • These centres offer exemplary medical care across a wide gamut of specialities and subspecialties.
  • The campus is located at the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, serving as an ideal transit port for industries and businesses.
  • The Hospital is well connected by roadways and railways.
  • The Kauvery Hospital campus is located 7 minutes away from the railway station and is set in close proximity to the industrial estates.
  • The hospital offers state of the art amenities, critical care and emergency care services.
  • A bustling town at the heart of the kongu district and a rapidly developing industrial hub.
  • The Kauvery Hospital campus is located at the heart of the town, set in close vicinity to the railway station and the bus terminus.
  • Kauvery Hospital, Salem offers state of the art emergency care and healthcare services with best-in-class amenities.

Patient Experience

Brave Heart

The story of the only person to survive in a family riddled heart disease might be a good one for a movie or a bestselling novel. But mine was real.

We were 4 brothers, all with heart problems. The disease claimedone after the other, leaving me for last. A routine checkup, a sudden episode and an angiogram was all I took to confirm my worst fears. The angiogram was in program when I collapsed. The doctors at Kauvery Hospital swung into action and did an emergency procedure to keep an intra-aorticballoon pump in place. Four hours later, my hopes were revived and my life too.

Kauvery's Personalised Health Check Up is tailor-made to suit your health and lifestyle.


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