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Kauvery Hospital Chennai is the first hospital across India to perform government approved Laser Coronary angioplasty to treat heart blood vessel blockages without open heart surgery

What is Laser angioplasty?

Laser angioplasty is a technique where laser light used to remove blockages in coronary arteries that are traditionally labelled, ‘not treatable’ with angioplasty. In a laser angioplasty procedure, a catheter is inserted into an artery that emits advanced laser light ray that eliminates tough blockages in its path that could not have been achieved with conventional angioplasty.

This procedure eliminates the conventional need for open-heart surgery in many patients, enhancing the quality of life for the patient, while also enabling the patient to go back home within 24 hours of the procedure.

Laser Angioplasty

Advantages of the Laser Angioplasty


Precision care

Owing to the laser, the procedure is highly precise and effective.


Shorter hospital stay

The patient can be discharged within 24 hours of the procedure


Increased quality of life

Laser angioplasty eliminates the need for surgery in many patients and is effective in enabling long-term blood flow through the vessels

Why Kauvery for Laser angioplasty?

Internationally Trained Interventional Cardiologists and Cardiac Team

State of the art hybrid cath lab operating room. Safest for complex cardiac procedures.

Stringent infection management control for better recovery post-surgery and clinical outcome

Kauvery Hospital is the only centre in South India to have laser angioplasty

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