Common Urological Diseases which affect youngsters and elders

There are some common diseases related to urology that affect the younger population and the elderly male population. The younger age group generally suffers from pain in the flank, abdomen, or back. They may also struggle with the pain while passing urine or a constant need to vomit. When checked with a CT scan, these patients usually have stones in their urinary tract. Stones can easily be treated through less invasive methods such as laser treatment and medication.

Apart from stones, another common urologic problem is prostate disease which is more common in the older male population. The prostate gland is at the bladder’s base and is the size of a standard beetle nut. It tends to increase in size over a period. After the age of fifty, people tend to suffer from urinary symptoms like difficulty emptying the bladder, straining to pass urine, longer than usual time to pass urine, an urgency to run to the washroom, etc. Thanks to technology advancements, 90% of the patients are treated through medication and do not require surgery. The remaining 10% that are advised surgery are offered state-of-the-art treatment.

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