1. How do I know I have hearing loss?


– Get an ENT examination to assess for hearing loss
– Do a hearing evaluation test (pure tone audiometry), that will confirm hearing loss


2. Most common causes of hearing loss:

– Ear wax
– Perforated (hole) tympanic membrane (eardrum)
– Fluid collection in middle ear
– Genetic
– Exposure to loud noise

3. Different types of hearing loss?

– Conductive hearing loss, which can be corrected with medicine on surgery
– Sensory – neural hearing loss, which can be corrected with hearing aids.

4. Doesn’t hearing loss affect elderly people alone?

– Not necessarily, people of any age may get affected.
– Starting from new born, children, young people, middle aged persons and old age people

5. What to do if I think I have hearing problem?

– Please meet on ENT doctor
– He will evaluate your hearing in his clinic
– Later if required he will send you for investigations to confirm hearing loss

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Article by Dr. Niraj Joshi, MBBS, MD, (PHY), DLO, FAGE, PHD
Consultant ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon, Kauvery Hospital