Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, Executive Director & Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon, Kauvery Hospital, says how despite increasing competition, the hospital has over the years, devised upon several strategies to provide top-of-the-line medical care to its patients at affordable prices.

The Kauvery Group of Hospitals is known for taking affordable healthcare to every nook and corner of South India.

Tell us how this became possible, and the journey.

Our mission has been to make great healthcare affordable since the year 1999 when we started as a 30-bed hospital in Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu. At the time when we started, we the founder doctors committed ourselves to this principle of affordable care and built a great team of doctors and staff who had a similar mindset. This got into the blood of our organisation and wherever we go, we make sure to make our hospital truly affordable to our patients, but in no way compromising in the quality of care.

What are the three key principles the hospital is built upon?

We have not just three, but six core values upon which our hospital is built upon C.H.E.E.R.S.

Continual Improvement

  • Exploring innovative and smart ways of reducing costs, without compromising on quality
  • Focusing on self-improvement to deliver better outcomes in everything we do
  • Encouraging people to share ideas that can improve our service quality

Heartfelt Personal Touch

  • Doing our best to make every patient feel at home
  • Understanding each individual is unique needs and have to be helped accordingly
  • Striving to satisfy all the needs, big or small of our patients


  • Being honest and trustworthy all the time
  • Being fully transparent with the patient

Empathetic Care

  • Listening to each patient to understand their situation and feelings
  • Making sure the families of patients are comfortable and have sufficient information
  • Considering each one the same, not giving preference to anyone

Real Accountability

  • Meeting all commitments made to patients, doctors, our colleagues and all other stakeholders
  • Learning from mistakes and not blaming others when things go wrong
  • Delivering safe patient care in a timely and efficient manner

Service Excellence

  • Going the extra mile to offer a great patient experience
  • Constantly looking for ways to improve service levels at our hospitals
  • Looking at every patient touch point and making things better

At a time when medical treatment is expensive, Kauvery Hospitals is known for top of the line affordable healthcare.

Please elaborate on what sets Kauvery apart in this crowded healthcare space.

Kauvery Hospital has adopted lean management across hospitals and reduces unwanted costs to make great healthcare affordable to attain success in the highly competitive healthcare space. Great healthcare does not mean luxury buildings, leather sofas and costly medical treatment. It means making the right diagnosis at the right time with optimal treatment based on current protocols and guidelines with empathetic care to patients. Patient communication and transparency with treatment plan and cost have played a major role in setting us apart from the rest of the hospitals in India.

Finally, what would you say is behind the success of Kauvery?

Kauvery Hospital has always been on a quest to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of healthcare and tries to be a step ahead with the increasing needs of the patient population. This dynamic nature of our organization with doctors at the top of management is the key reason for the success of Kauvery Hospital.

Outlook interviews Dr Aravindan Selvaraj
10 December 2019


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