Dr Manivannan Selvaraj
Dr. Manivannan Selvaraj
Founder & Managing Director
Kauvery Hospitals

Our Dear K-Way Readers,

As the Managing Director of Kauvery hospitals, it gives me immense pleasure to wish you all a very happy 2022.

We have negotiated two years of the pandemic with courage and conviction, patience and prudence.

We have learned to prevent the infection and protect ourselves from it by following basic principles of personal and environmental hygiene.

We also wisely accepted vaccination.

Just as we were hoping to see our life returning to normal, the globally pervasive cloud of Omicron has come between us and the sun.

In 2022 let us be vigilant and well- informed, continue to be proactive about protecting our health and safely, be kind and considerate to our community and be contributory to strengthening the fabric of our society.

Sharing our thoughts and concerns and discussing our solutions on a common digital platform such as KWay is surely the best way for us to always keep in touch, and be there for each other.

Discretion, knowledge and wisdom are our best companions in preserving our health and promoting our quality of life in these unpredictable and often turbulent times.

To us in Kauvery it is a great pleasure, privilege and honour to serve you.

We shall always be your preferred health partner.

Have a great year ahead.


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03-01-2022 10:06:13am

#1 k.natarajan

Nice always to read the messages from Kauvery. please keep it up. ALL THE BEST. Kindly ensure that politicians do not have a say, irrespective of who started the hospital and who runs it.

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01-01-2022 04:39:30am

#2 Ramu

Thank you Sir. Wishing All of you in the KWay Family a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

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01-01-2022 01:32:07am

#3 N, Sankaranarayanan. Tiruvanmiyur. Chennai 600 o41

Great message,My health is in the safe hands of dedicated like you and your committed team @ Kaveri, wishing each member of your Hospital Avery Bright New Year 2022

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01-01-2022 01:12:51am

#4 Bhanumathi

Thanks for your wishes and you have explained your services . Let it go to all needy persons in 2022 . I pray for your health .

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