This has been on my mind for a while and I wish to share my thoughts with all of you.


But do we ask the same questions at a Shopping Mall, Theatre, Bank, Beauty Spa or Restaurant? Well I am sure the answer is ‘NO’.

Why then does it matter when it comes to spending some time for your own health? I do agree that most of us have a fear of coming to a hospital for a health checkup, lest something might be wrong!

This fear is there in most of the people. But what I like to emphasize here is that, our life style today has work pressure, peer pressure and there is no time for most of us to eat good healthy food, have a sound sleep, or even relax at home with our family. All that we hear is a fast forward life style, fast food and even exercise is fast, meaning that people want to burn instant calories running on a treadmill!

In a country like India where the sun shines brightly, we find that most of us are Vitamin D deficient and air conditioners have taken over the fresh air.

Sunlight has also become a supplement. Well it is difficult for many people to change their life style due to their commitments, but what we fail to realize is that, at the end of the day our healthy life style really matters.

Try to start with a good life style modification, rise early, good physical activity, healthy food, sound sleep, good bowel habits, plenty of liquids, and to urinate regularly. These are mandatory.

Kindly teach the growing children these basic life style modifications.

To play in fresh air with good sunlight exposure is also very important for children.

A routine health check up is mandatory.

Obesity / Diabetes / Hypertension / Dyslipidemia / Thyroid Malformations / Hyperuricaemia / Heart problems / Vitamin deficiencies / can all be detected early and can be treated effectively.

It is better to diagnose early than to be left untreated till it’s too late.

Health Check Up Packages

Master Health Check – MHC

MHC – Regular: Complete Blood Examination / ESR | Blood Glucose (F & PP) | HBA1C | Urea | Creatinin | Uric Acid | Liver Function Test|Lipid Profile | Urine Routine | TSH | Chest X- Ray |ECG | USG Abdomen Scan | Retinal Screening | Physician consultation | Dental Consultation

MHC – Plus

MHC Regular + | ECHO Screening| Vitamin D

Cardiac Health Check

Complete Blood Examination / ESR | Blood Glucose (F& PP) | HBA1C | Urea | Creatinine | Lipid Profile | Sodium | Potassium | SGOT | SGPT | TSH | Chest X-Ray | TMT | ECG | ECHO Screening | Retinal / Dental Screening | Cardiology Consultation

Geriatric Health Check

Complete Blood Examination / ESR | Blood Glucose (F&PP) | HBAC | Urea | Creatinine | Uric Acid | Liver Function test | Lipd Profile | TSH | PSA | Complete Urine Analysis | Stool Occult Blood | Chest X-Ray | ECG | USG Abdomen | KUB | ECHO Screening | Geriatrician Consultation | Dental Consultation | Physiotheraphy Consultation.

Geriatric – Plus

GHC Regular | Vitamin D | Calcium | Dexa Scan

Executive Well women Health Check

Complete Blood Examination / ESR | Blood Glucose (F&PP) | HBA1C | Urea | Creatinine | Lipid Profile | TSH | Uric Acid | Calicum | Elcetorlytes | Phosphorus | Blood Grouping & RH Typing | Liver FunctionTest | Urine Complete Analysis | Mammogram | ECG | USG Pelvis | PAP SMEAR | Retinal Screening | Gynaec Consultation

Comprehensive Health Check

Complete Blood Count / ESR |Blood Glucose (F&PP) | HBAC | Blood Grouping & RH Typing| Urea | Creatinene | Uric Acid | Lipids Profile | Liver Function Test | Thyroid Function Test | PSA (male) | PAP Smear (female) | Urine Complete Analysis | Chest X-Ray | ECG | USG Whole Abdomen Scan | ECHO | Treadmill | Physician Consultation | Cardiology Consultaion

Here at Kauvery we extend our care to all. Please walk in for these Health Packages any time and reap long term benefits.


Article by Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Family Physician, Kauvery Hospital