Kauvery Kares

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The world was connected a year back. We were traveling, like no place was far away and working away from our loved ones and home towns, yet staying digitally connected. The pandemic has stalled and paused this busy moving world, but we all know that it’s going to resume and it’s a matter of only how fast? We are going to travel the world for work, for business, for whatever, and this time with a realization that health is a priority. From its inception till date, Kauvery is not a hospital that functions on corporate interests but by building a family, strengthening the bond, and establishing a relationship through quality healthcare with our patients. Our proudest numbers are not our stock growths, or revenue leaps but our retention, and that is what building a family means. Once you step in, we are committed to your care for life. It’s a promise that is trusted by thousands of families. As a burgeon, we are now ready to extend our promise of delivering care from anywhere. Delivering it to wherever you and your family reside, with ease. This sole proposition to promise, drove our efforts to balance your busy life and well-being with an emphasis to provide k(c)are from anywhere, with no requirement to pause your day for a hospital visit (though we’d love to see you) through “Kauvery Kare”. Yes, it’s yet another mobile application from a seasoned hospital, but one that is incepted and developed to connect you with the expert doctors you trust and know by name with zero compromises. One that is focused to strengthen and fasten our family’s connect, rather than focusing on it as a new revenue acquisition tool. One that is essential during this Covid dominated time and beyond as well. It is a user-friendly simple application that is not overloaded with unwanted features but contains what you exactly need and that’s it. You can book your appointments, tele consult our experts of your choice (which is a great option for review visits), and order medicines in a matter of a few swipes and presses. Through this application, we can mutually ensure that from the comfort and safety of wherever you are, quality healthcare can be delivered and accessed. We believe in building and progressing rather than promoting and acquiring. Our story of growth strengthens this belief, and it is further gripped with our decision to not promote our mobile application as other competitors unless our existing family gets the best of what we can offer without compromising on quality healthcare. Family is always first and yes, it has to grow, but sustained and uncompromised so that it lasts forever as our care. Kauvery Kares!

Download the app and stay connected to quality care from anywhere.

andriod-qrAndroid – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.telemedkauvery

ios-qriOS – https://apps.apple.com/in/app/kauvery-kare/id1558333989


Deeksha Senguttuvan
Head of Digital Strategy
Kauvery Hospital