Dr. Rakesh Dorai, BDS
Dental Surgeon, Kauvery Hospital

This week’s Dr’s corner is about one of the youngest Consultants of Kauvery hospitals. Tongue in cheek person, six footer, and a guy who makes you open your mouth aghast!!! Yes, I am talking about our astute dentist Dr Rakesh. Health check-up patients experience the blissful morning with his wits and feel very comfortable and secure with his soft pair of hands is what we hear. With loads of experience treating hundreds of people through Rotary camps across the knook and corner of our state, with the patience of a physician and paws of a surgeon Dr Rakesh strikes the right balance, making him the most sought after dentist in our region.

Spreading awareness about oral hygiene and maintenance, highlighting the oral cavity and General Health connect, smile designing, alleviating the dental pain and giving feasible treatment plans for elderly are part of his routine.

Apart from his practice, he runs a mobile dentistry team under the banner “Flying Dentist”, catering to non-ambulatory patients needing dental check-up and treatments at home.

When he is not seen with patients you can find him at the Beach, flying to catch a disc sprinting with his younger players to stop a goal. Dr. Rakesh is an Ultimate Frisbee player and plays for team Puyal, which represented Nationals recently.

His interest and involvement in the game makes him concentrate more on his fitness. He also shakes his legs once in a while and has convinced his 5 year old daughter he is a dancer. He is part of the dancing doctors of Kauvery. Apart from this he kills time watching stand up comedies and movies.

His keen interest in safety and hygiene took a bigger shape when he got an opportunity to head one of the stations in Chennai Marathon 2019. Yes!!! Our dentist is part of an NGO “Trash troopers”, an organisation which managed trash of 24000 runners during this Chennai Marathon. Highly appreciated by public and by the government for segregation and disposal of trash from major events, Trash troopers have been roped in as garbage partners for the subsequent Marathons for the year 2019.

Like any other millennial he is engrossed in apps but the apps he is engrossed in are Namma Chennai app and Swachh Bharat app. He maintains account of 10 to 15 complaints about various civic issues ranging from Garbage disposal, new garbages, potholes on these apps on a day to day basis. He makes sure the complaint escalated is rectified, if not he is closer to the next level or even passes an article to the local newspapers making sure the issue is addressed. We can soon find a Vatta cheyalalar Vandu Murugan in Rakesh. He requests all the readers to use these apps as any other App and keep the government Agencies on their toes making sure there are no Civic issues around their area. Awareness is the key to development.

He is also a foodie who enjoys various cuisines, enjoys food at short joints and shacks wherever he goes and regrets when he misses his mamiyar’s lunch.

He believes in frugal living, small deeds, big dreams and happy smiles.

She Speaks
Special thoughts from the female work force of Kauvery for March 8th, Women’s Day.
  • Dr. Jothi Clara J Micheal

    Womanhood is gift of God to mankind. Without them Family, Workplace, Community & Nation is NOT Complete.. I am proud and thank God for I am a woman.

    Dr. Jothi Clara J Micheal, NABH Accessor

  • Dr. Mahalakshmi MD

    Wish you all a wonderful woman's day. I would take this day as an opportunity to convey my gratitude to the ones who made me a better person which includes my family , colleagues and all dear ones at Kauvery hospital. Be strong, independent, unstoppable and keep up your fabulous work wherever you are.

    Dr. Mahalakshmi MD,
    Anesthesiologist Consultant

  • Dr. Supriya

    Work life balance is a myth for all women and women try to manage both professional and family equally, which is an art, for every woman. I wish every woman out there to enjoy each and everyday.

    Dr. Supriya, Pulmonologist

  • Ms. Geetha S Kumar

    Each woman, needs to remember that, with judicious use of the enormous power that we have, we can achieve anything in life.

    Proud to be a woman.
    Ms. Geetha S Kumar,
    Manager - Kauvery. Advanced Spine Centre


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