She Speaks
Special thoughts from the female work force of Kauvery for March 8th, Women’s Day.
  • Dr. Sabeeha T.S

    Every day of your life...
    You are the giver not the seeker,
    You are independent not dependent,
    You are the caretaker of all to be taken care of,
    You are not to be felt lonely, but its your family to feel without you
    They are all alone...

    Fight your insecurities, your weakness, your feeling that no one is there for you,
    Pray to Almighty to give you all
    the strength to go on and on and on...
    Train your family that
    The show must go on... even without your presence.

    Dr. Sabeeha T.S.

  • Dr. Arul Mozhi Mangai

    A woman of strength shows
    Courage in the midst of her fear
    Gives the best of herself to everyone
    Wears grace and the look of confidence on her face.

    Dr. Arul Mozhi Mangai, Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon

  • Dr. Zeeshan

    Women's Day is just an official way to celebrate the greatness of a woman. She should be celebrated everyday as today's woman is a fine creation of God who is multitalented and super-efficient be it at home or at work.

    Zeeshan Sakina A. Lakhani
    Consultant - Cardiac Radiologist

  • Ms. Jaquelene

    A strong woman doesn't follow the crowd. She's by herself.

    Ms. Jaquelene, Assistant General Manager - Business Development

  • Ms. Jambukeswari

    We women play roles like daughter, wife, daughter in law, mother, friend, homemaker, working professional etc.. As always Women are best at multitasking, it's time for us stay strong ,take care of our physical and mental health. Live your life. Happy Women's Day.

    Ms. Jambukeswari, Asst. Manager - Admin & Operations


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