Is it important to follow the doctor's advice Why or why not? | Kauvery Hospital Chennai, Trichy, Hosur, Salem, Tirunelveli

How many times have we heard this?

How important is it for you to follow your doctor's instructions? |Kauvery Hospital Chennai, Trichy, Hosur, Salem, Tirunelveli

Doctor, my pain is still there.

Doctor, you gave me medicines, but I am still having the same problem.

Do not go to that doctor, he did not cure me of my illness.

All these and more are from people who are suffering from some health problem or the other.

This puts everyone down and as far as the near and dear ones are concerned, that particular doctor will not cure any problem.

Being closely associated with both doctors and patients for over two decades, I have heard of such comments often. Initially I used to be confused and later I started enquiring from the patients myself as to when did the problem start? What did the doctor prescribe? How many days did you follow his advice, etc?

I was shocked at their ignorance and simplicity. What I found out was:

  • They discontinued the medicines after a few days
  • Exercises were not done correctly or discontinued
  • Diet was not followed as suggested
  • No follow up with the doctor was done
  • They had followed the orders of multiple doctors (And relatives and friends who are not doctors but are like doctors - people who know everything)
  • Many more interesting things

One lady even told me "I spent so much on my surgery two years ago, but I still have pain. Money wasted" On further discussion, I realized that the surgery she had undergone was gall bladder removal, and the pain she was referring to was knee pain (her stomach problem was cured). She was 65 years old. I did not know how to explain the difference to her. Poor lady was so naive.

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Medical profession is the only profession where humans deal with humans. There is a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, persistence and suffering involved before a doctor is evolved. They use medical knowledge to help you solve your health problems. They can feel your pain and want to help you in all ways possible. But your 100% commitment is required.

Kindly follow their advice closely -

  • Take medicines as prescribed
  • Do exercise as suggested
  • Follow diet as planned for you
  • Go for review on the given date
  • Keep a positive mind that you are in good hands
  • Whether medicines or surgery, it will take a while to show the positive results

Lastly, but most important though Google uncle knows everything, he does not know you personally. He cannot touch you, see you and diagnose your exact problem. Do not lose track because of his general knowledge. You are special and unique. Please listen to the doctors' advice when concerning your health.

Article by Ms. Geetha S Kumar, B.Sc (Nutrition), PGDHM, MBA
Coordinator - Kauvery Institute for Orthopaedic, Spine and Neurosciences


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