Empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence to tide over the present COVID crisis.

The “smart” milestones to negotiate this path are prevention, protection, vaccination, recognition, response and recovery.

The following contain very useful tips that can help protect you and your loved ones.



  • Prevention
    • Prevention works. It is the smartest thing to do
    • Cough and conversations at close quarters spray you with respiratory and salivary secretions that can be packed with the virus
    • When a crowd is present, virus is also present and spreads easily
    • Even easier, in a private space with poor ventilation
    • Prevention is easy. Keep your mask on, and keep your distance
  • Protection
    • Plan your protection – anywhere you work with people
    • Keep distance, wear mask properly, sanitize. It works. Keeps you safe
  • Vaccination
    • Avoid the virus, not the vaccine
    • Ignore the chatter about variants
    • Be smart. Take the vaccine on offer. It works.
    • It prevents and protects from severe, critical or fatal disease
  • Recognition
    • If you slipped up on prevention, time to be smart about an infection you caught
    • Recognize the symptoms – fever, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, body ache, fatigue, & diarrhoea
    • Be smart. Get tested, and isolate yourself. Don’t pass it on
    • Rest for seven to ten days, take fluids and foods that suit you. Take cough syrup and paracetamol that works for you
    • Chances are good that it will pass
  • Response
    • Respond to these flags that flash “alert!”
    • High and prolonged fever, severe body ache, severe fatigue & breathlessness
    • Use your pulse oxymeter. If the level remains at 93, and drops after a 6 minute walk, talk to your nurse or doctor
    • They will guide you about home treatment with oxygen or help you find a hospital bed
    • It is smart not to treat yourself with antibiotics and unproven drugs. Both are very likely to make you sicker
  • Recovery
    • It is smart to recover at home
    • But some will need to be at a hospital
    • You may have heard of Cortisones (steroids) and blood thinners that work
    • Your hospital will hold your hands and take you through it
    • COVID can be a slow disease. Recovery can be slow, at hospital and later
    • Let your doctor talk, and walk you through it, so that you can shut the door on COVID

Issued in public interest by Kauvery Hospial
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