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Our Dear Readers,

dr kavitha

We greet you at the dawn of the month of August, with a great news!

We have just added the tenth star to the Kauvery flag, like the U.S do in their flag!

We welcome our doctors, nurses and all staff of the new unit at Vadapalani to our great and grand Kauvery family, and extend our best wishes to them.

June-July was the season of holidays and we got to interact with many non-resident Indians living abroad.

To my pleasure and surprise, outpatients’ clinics were mostly filled with our international brothers and sisters who had come to have a complete health check before leaving their motherland.

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Brain Health for Seniors

brain health for seniors

All of us age but we need not become senile.

We need to know the difference between aging and senescence.

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Coronary artery calcium score or Calcium score test

coronary artery calcium score or calcium score test

A calcium score test is nothing but a CT scan that gives us an idea about the amount of calcium deposited in our coronary arteries. This gives us an indication of plaque build-up in them. The plaque build-up can narrow down the arteries or even block them completely resulting in a heart attack.

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Mosquito Borne Disease Prevention in Children

mosquito borne disease prevention in children

Vectors are living organisms which are responsible for the transfer of infections between humans or from animals to humans. According to the WHO, they cause a shocking 700,000 deaths annually. Mosquitoes, flies, ticks and lice are all examples of vectors and among these, mosquitoes are the deadliest.

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Swelling of the Legs - Edema

swelling of the legs edema

Swelling of the legs is a common symptom that most of the patients complain about. Sometimes, the swelling starts with its appearance after prolonged travel that often gets dismissed. When the swelling becomes a bit more, then it gets attention.

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Vesico-Ureteric Reflux [VUR] in Children

vesico ureteric reflux vur in children

Vesico-ureteric reflux [VUR] is an abnormal reverse flow of urine from the bladder back to the kidneys. VUR is the most common urological problem associated with urinary tract infection (UTI) in children. Most of the VUR cases are congenital (primary); however, they can occur following conditions causing bladder outlet obstruction (secondary).

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Wishing a Happy Doctors' Day | Kauvery Hospital

august video
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Patient Experience

Patient Experience testimonials

“During our 15 days of stay at the hospital we had a good treatment and excellent care in Kauvery hospital. To mention Dr Sabeeha was outstandingly taking care friendly nature and very humble and polite not to miss out the other Doctors Dr.Muralidharan, Dr.Baraneedharan, Dr.Anu and other team of doctors who have visited us and extended great care. sister Gracy, sister Nilavani were very kind and helpful. Housekeeping services was good, Annadurai, Tamil, Krishnaveni, Rasathi, Ravi and catering service Mr, Nirmal Raj, Mr. Velu was helping us throughout the stay. Ms Sofia from service excellence ensured our comfort during our stay. The hospital is very classy and giving extraordinary care to everyone seems to be very hygienic too. Thanks to the good service.”
– R.Y

Recipe of the Month

Love the Dindigul biryani and want a vegetarian variant of it? Then this mushroom biryani is just the recipe for you! It uses white button mushrooms which give the dish a wonderful flavour. Do try it out.

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mushroom biryani