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This month let’s March towards a holistic approach to Woman’s health.

KWAY, March edition, brings warm greetings and best wishes on the occasion of Happy Women’s Day (8-03- 2023), to each and every woman out there.

Dear women, do you realize how special you are?

Precious as you are, your good health becomes even more precious to us.

To quote a greatly loved Hollywood movie, you are the CEO of your home and nothing shall function seamlessly without you. The absence of a person is felt only when those actions are not happening.

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Aspiration Pneumonia in Elderly

aspiration pneumonia in elderly

A lung infection that occurs after food, vomit, blood or stomach acid is inhaled into the lungs.

Risk Factors for Aspiration Pneumonia

Elderly people are at a higher risk of aspiration than younger individuals. This is due to age-related factors and disease conditions. Some of them are mentioned below:

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Awareness Is Power – Breast Cancer

awareness is power breast cancer

Out of 10 new cancer diagnoses, at least one is of breast cancer. Breast cancer is also the second most common reason for cancer death and the mortality rates continue to increase.

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Digit All - A Nutritionist’s Perscpective

early onset osteoarthritis

Women always represent the cornerstone of a family’s overall health. Thus, their well-being plays a key role in ensuring the health, safety and security of their family. Down the road, do they really take care of their own health? Most of the time the answer would be a resounding NO!

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

hormone replacement therapy

HRT is a blessing in disguise in menopausal health. It has and continues to receive negative publicity due to its potential side-effects. The advantages of HRT, if used in a diligent manner, are many. In today’s article, we will discuss the indications, contraindications and types of HRT.

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KKK Syndrome – Kai Kaal Kodaichal Syndrome – கை கால் கொடைச்சல் Syndrome

kai kaal kodaichal syndrome

In the continuing series on what I wonder to the question “Why plastic surgeon? Why plastic surgery?” – for a particular condition, I say “Pour quoi pas?”, WHY NOT? I have the pleasure of sharing yet another interesting set of conditions which I have treated. We are in an era where EBM (evidence-based medicine) rules supreme and other EBMs, namely eminence-based medicine or experience-based medicine is generally given a cold shoulder and has a bad name. However, most do believe that EBM in whatever form can be useful to discuss and make some sense of. Today, I am going to discuss the “KKK syndrome” which every medical student in Tamil Nadu would have heard in his lifetime. To me it is almost synonymous with the OPDs we do in medicine in medical colleges as house surgeons. Much talked about and ridiculed but never taken seriously.

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Role of Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist in Rehabilitation

role of audiologist and speech language pathologist in rehabilitation

Audiologists are primarily hearing health care professionals. They are experts in the prevention, identification, diagnosis and management of hearing and balance disorders across the lifespan.

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Urinary Incontinence

The 8th of March has held great significance as International Women’s Day. In fact, World Kidney Day falls on the 9th of March. So, this March, let us march towards women’s health and awareness armed with knowledge.

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Vision Mission Values | Anthem

march video

“Hi All, I had my baby delivered at Kauvery hospital under the care of Dr. Sabeeha. She’s such a sweet loving person. Had a pleasant stay there. I would like to personally appreciate Sister Krishnaveni. She’s such a caring and kind person. She always looks out for the welfare of her patients.”
– M.F

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Patient Experience

testimonials (2)

“Kauvery hospital is immaculately kept, prompt kindly speaking doctors, nurses, paramedics and ward boys especially eliciting patients opinion is another pleasant surprise. God bless this Kauvery and its staff.”
– K.S

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Recipe of the Month

Tender Jackfruit Curry

Unripe jackfruit has more protein and fibre and fewer carbohydrates than ripe jackfruit. Raw jackfruit makes for a great ingredient to make curries, dry sabzis and roast. These days, it is a hot favorite of newly turned vegans or vegetarians too, as it looks and gives a similar mouthfeel as meats. Thus, it is popular as vegan meat too.

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tender jackfruit curry