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Welcome to the month of May!

Wasn’t this the most awaited month of the year when we were young?

Yes, I am sure most of us have our happiest memories of summer vacation.

May, though a very hot and sweaty month, had the highest level of energy in us, we were enthusiastic to go out and play under the scorching heat, come back tired and sleep after a late chatting with family and friends, getting up late and having untimely meals with our parents calling out our names to finish daily chores. All these were such memories of summer vacations.

In fact, just being home watching TV was considered a big boon during summer vacation. [Read More…]


All About Asthma


What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes inflammation of the airways. Its frequency among the Indian adult population is 2.4%.


Beat the Heat – Eat Better, Not Less


Change in seasons is the law of nature. Especially when it comes to summer, the weather is extremely hot and it’s actually a transition after spring and before autumn.

Excessive heat makes us sweat more, as a result we become irritable and lethargic. Food being the fuel to our body, optimum nutrition becomes the base of life. Eating right means nutrition, security & safety to meet body requirements. Whatever may be the climate, diet diversification is the key.


Fear of the White Coat


Iatrophobia is a condition in which a person may have an extreme fear of doctors and medical tests. The term originated from the Greek word “iatros” which means healer and “phobos” which means fear.

Sometimes a person with iatrophobia may refuse to seek medical attention even when he/she is very sick or is showing signs of severe illness.


Heat Stroke


Humans are capable of significant heat generation. Strenuous exercise can increase heat generation twentyfold. This heat generation is well balanced by a variety of heat dissipation mechanisms which are controlled by a central thermostat, which is located in the pre-optic nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus and central nervous system. Thus, normally body dissipates heat into the environment by:


Summer Days Are Here Again!!


The heat wave is here and so also is the summer vacation. Away from school, kids spend a lot of time playing out in the sun. Some smart preparations can help kids remain safe this summer. Here are some of the conditions which are quite common in children, this season.


Common Problems in Women during Summer


Summer is definitely here. The heat waves sizzle away, the sweetest of fruits line the streets, sounds of children enjoying their holidays everywhere and the thoughts of a family holiday around the corner lifts our spirits. But summer is also the time when some illnesses are a lot commoner than the rest of the year. Here is a snapshot of common presentations in a gynaecological, more specifically in an urogynaecological clinic.


குறளும் மருத்துவமும்


Tamil Nadu today ranks as the number 1 state in India when it comes to healthcare. Our wholesome health practices can be traced back to 1500 years as evidenced by Thiruvalluvar’s Thirukkural. The Thirukkural acknowledges the doctor, the patient, the treatment methodology and the patient’s helpers as key to treatment. In other words, for successful treatment there has to be a conducive health ecosystem.

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Patient Experience


“Sisters at ICU and ward section has done excellent service with patient with out any hesitation. Ward boys are also doing good job. All are coming immediately whenever called. I will definitely recommend Kauvery hospital who ever requires one. They have very good guest relations department. Over all I have very good experience in Kauvery hospital.”


Recipe of the Month

Fresh Mango Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

A dessert for breakfast – how good does that sound!

A healthy coconut chia pudding is rich, creamy, easy to make and requires no baking! It is delicious as breakfast or dessert.

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