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As we celebrate, ‘The World Elders Day’ today, let us all take a conscious decision to not let ageing change us. Instead, let us change the way we age. We will all age, there is no escape from it; but as the famous Tamil saying goes “endenrum markendeyan” – let us stay young in our minds and heart!

Ageing is a blessing, as it gives us both experience and the wisdom that comes from it. The knowledge we have gained from our elders has been a blessing because it has helped all of us to better our lives in all walks of life. It is time to stop looking at ageing purely in terms of time – the number of years lived. Age should be defined by the quality of life and it is up to all of us to provide the best for our elders. On this Elders Day let us all ensure that we give our elders the care, the respect and the affection they deserve and let them know that we are here for them.

This month’s newsletter is an elders special edition.

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Dementia at a Glance


The world population is aging rapidly. It is estimated that in another thirty years’ time, 30% of the global population will be over the age of sixty. The percentage of the elderly in India is lower, at about 9%, but the number is rising rapidly. In the ancient joint family system, the young were always available to care for their elders. Today we are in an age of nuclear families where children leave home at a young age to start their careers and set up their own families.


Life of Doctors - Patients, Medicine and Beyond...


This month the life beyond doctors section gives you an engrossing fascinating short story written by our very own senior colleague Dr. Venkita. S. Suresh.

A Penny For Her Thoughts

She was startled hearing those words, clearly and firmly spoken, over her shoulder. She turned to look.


Early Detection Saves Life


One evening last year, a bright, vibrant and highly educated young lady from India came to my breast clinic in England.

She said that there was a lump in her right breast that had been troubling her for the last month and was worried that it may be mastitis, an infection that causes the breast to become painful and inflamed. My initial thought was that it was another case of a young woman worried about minor lumpiness caused by normal hormonal changes.


Life after Death


Did you know that each person has the potential to save at least 7 lives by donating organs? About 4 lakh people die in India every year due to lack of organs available for transplant. Statistics of those who donated their organs per million of population are – 36 in Spain, 26 in the U.S and only 0.5 persons per million in India.

One can donate while being alive and healthy, and even after death. You have to register as an organ donor if you would like to be one.


The Importance Of Immunisation For The Elderly


To put it very simply, Immunization is the process of deliberately inserting a weakened or modified form of the disease into the body, so that it develops a natural resistance to the illness. This seemingly simple process has changed the world by eliminating many diseases, which in the past claimed millions of lives. The eradication of smallpox in India is one such case. While the immunization of children is now common, doing the same for the elderly is often overlooked. Ageing, makes us more susceptible to diseases…


International Day Of Older Persons


On International Day Of Older Persons, our Elderly patients share their good wishes and appreciation for our relentless care and medical service. Nobody understands Elders like we do.


Patient Experience


“Doctors are excellent. The infrastructure is world class. The interaction with the patient is with great deal of love and care. The service rendered by the sisters are too good and timely. Quality of food and service is very good. Housekeeping, cleaning and support staff is excellent. Administrative staff are very good. I have experienced the service of other hospitals in Chennai. But Kauvery hospital is the best.”
– V.H


Recipe of the Month

NavadhanyaSundal/9 Bean Sundal


If you are trying to eat healthy then, you can have this recipe without any doubts. It’s also low in calories.

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