Happy Children's Day

Kway brings the joy of sharing this lovely poem on the occasion of Children's Day, written by a 10th grade student to all our ardent readers. Read and Enjoy!!!

An Ode to Hope

Poetry Corner

When poor Pandora opened the infamous box:
A plan laid by conspiring Gods,
Out came evil, greed, misery and disease
Yet humanity persevered, against the odds.

A bright spirit named Elpis, however
Remained in the box, nay, a jar or pithos.
This bright spirit, whom we all call hope
Would be our light in this world of pathos.

Hopeful scientists made order out of chaos,
Hopeful mathematicians propelled us right from zero.
Hopeful writers gave us stories, poems and epics
Hopeful leaders gave humanity many a hero.

Hope has many times brought back mankind
From the brink of utter desolation.
Hope is the fuel of every being, an embodiment of dreams,
It truly is our inspiration.

Even in the darkest of times, like this pandemic
Where light at the tunnel’s end seems obsolete,
If we cling on to hope, and fuel our dreams of recovery
We can achieve this insurmountable feat.

Hope is what keeps us all going in spite of difficulties
It keeps our minds focused and our spirits bright.
And whenever you happen to find yourself in the dark,
Quoth Dumbledore, “Remember to turn on the light.”

- Shrivats Gopal


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