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The pandemic presented an unprecedented challenge for the humanity. It has been a physically and emotionally tiring journey for all the front-line warriors, especially the doctors and the nurses. They have been in the line of fire, facing the toughest of challenges with compassion, care and great dedication. It is their sacrifices that saved many lives. Thank you healthcare heroes, the fight continues. Stay Safe, Stay Strong.

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மனிதன் என்பவன் தெய்வம் ஆகலாம்


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One of the most common cancers amongst women is Breast cancer, and the only way one can beat this disease is to get it diagnosed as early as possible. The effectiveness of breast cancer treatment in Chennai depends significantly upon how early it is detected. Some of the symptoms associated with the disease include a change in the shape of the nipple, redness or rash around the nipple, abnormal leakage from the nipple, swelling of the armpit or breast, etc.

Self-examination is key to prevention. If you are more than 25 years of age, make sure you self-examine your breasts every month. The best time to do it is three to five days after the monthly menstrual cycle ends. Postmenopausal women can set aside any one day of the month for the examination.