Health check-up at Kauvery saves my heart - A Patient's Story

My name is R.Venkataraman, a voluntarily retired official from Punjab National Bank, Chennai in the year 2000. I am running 73 years chronologically since 30th August 2021.

My Master Health Check-Up at Kauvery Hospital

I used to have my routine master health check-up as a senior citizen along with my spouse in Kauvery Hospital, Chennai-18, in the past.After 2014, owing to my varying commitments and family circumstances, followed by the then prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, I had to unduly postpone my master health check-up to January 2021.

In view of this master health check-up undergone by me and my wife during the continuing pandemic period, I have to make a special mention about the exemplary treatment meted out to us by all the para-medical and other staff in this section despite their heavy work pressure and constraints. In fact, we both felt quite at home in the hospital on the day of check-up.

Above all, the eye-opener was Dr Kavitha Sundaravadanam, who took great care and attention to go through all our reports in giving her meaningful and affectionate advice for improving upon our intrinsic health conditions. She also suggested various ways and means to circumvent and confront our likely future health issues as senior citizens. But for her guidance, we could not have met and solved all existing major and inherent health impairments by meeting other expert physicians thereat.

This wonderful experience of mine makes me strongly suggest to all senior citizens to never miss their regular master health check-ups (at least once in a year, without fail).

It was during this significant health check-up, a very slight aberration in my ECG was located by Kauvery's geriatric and diabetic consultant Dr K.Jayaraman, who in turn referred me to his colleague, a cardiac specialist Dr C.Sundar in the same hospital for further investigation. The latter finally suggested that an angiogram be taken at the earliest, which ultimately revealed a few marked blocks in my blood circulation system. Both these expert doctors guided me to have a preventive safe open bypass surgery in the same hospital, which was done by a well-experienced surgeon, Dr A.R.Raghuram, on 23rd March 2021.

After my above cardio artery bypass grafting (CABG) operation, it is now six months past; I am agile, active, dynamic, hale and healthy. Due to the superb post-operative care, medical prescriptions and best dietary guidance by the hospital staff at all levels, my chronological age is no more significant right now. I feel much younger and am able to do all that I did when I was in bank service, 21 years ago.

Thanks to Kauvery, which flows through my blood currently, energising me with mirth and happiness.

I am extremely ecstatic to share this encouraging experience with the erudite readers of this magazine, on this jubilant Senior Citizens' Day, i.e., the 1st of October 2021.

I am genuinely indebted to all the kind and benevolent circle of medical, paramedical and general attendants of this splendid hospital, without any exception, from the bottom of my heart.

Ramamurthy Venkataraman


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03-10-2021 12:22:28pm

#1 R.Narayanan, from Kumbakonam

Hi RV, saw your report and appreciation on Cauvery Hospital , open heart surgery undertaken there for you all picturised with appropriate explanation. Thanks to go through. Pray God should take good of you. _. From Narayanan, Kumbakonam

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01-10-2021 10:43:10pm

#2 S. V. PATTU. 8608619975.

Doing a right thing at right time is best policy. Earlier detection of his health issues has saved the life of Mr R Venkatraman, PNB. His acknowledgement and recognition of the treatment and services is appreciated. God bless him with good health.

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01-10-2021 10:23:17am

#3 Jayanthi

Extremely delighted to read this. Hearty congratulations and gratitude to the Doctors and support staff of Kauvery hospital. Please continue your exemplary services touching the lives of so many living entities.

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01-10-2021 09:30:30am

#4 N.Balasubtamanian

Very glad to hear n excellent services are doing by kauvery hospital.

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01-10-2021 09:00:35am

#5 Kumaraguru.K

Thank you sir for sharing your thoughts with us

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01-10-2021 06:20:51pm

#6 SK

Done well RV Good and useful info 4 all

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