Healthy Spread for Sandwich - Creamy Healthy Dip | Health Recipe

Healthy Spread for Sandwich

Recipe by FB fan, Sindu Venkatesh

I am a big fan of sandwiches and breads. I sautée vegetables to go with it, so it becomes a wholesome meal. I love dips and spreads to pair with them. I try to make it as healthy as possible. This healthy dip was one such find.

 Best CreamyHealthy Dipfor Sandwich


Drain the curd in a thin cloth and hang it on your kitchen sink tap letting the excess water drain. Letting it hang until it loses all its water content will result in a thick creamy dip. Add the other ingredients mentioned above in a mixie jar and transfer the hung curd to it. Blend for a few seconds. Your dip is ready! Refrigerate before use.


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