When meditating over a disease,
I never think of finding a remedy for it,
But, instead, a means for preventing it.
Louis Pasteur

To put it very simply, Immunization is the process of deliberately inserting a weakened or modified form of the disease into the body, so that it develops a natural resistance to the illness. This seemingly simple process has changed the world by eliminating many diseases, which in the past claimed millions of lives. The eradication of smallpox in India is one such case. While the immunization of children is now common, doing the same for the elderly is often overlooked. Ageing, makes us more susceptible to diseases, so protecting the elderly through immunization benefits everyone because the prevalence and virulence of the disease is overall reduced.

There are 3 groups of vaccines that should be administered to the elderly. Group 1 consists of those that are recommended for everyone above, the age of sixty. Group 2 is for those above sixty years, who have certain risks factors like heart disease, lung disease etc. Group 3 is for those seniors who are traveling overseas.

Group 1:
Group 2:
Group 3:

Acquired and adapted from The Association of physicians of India and WHO Guidelines for adult vaccinations


Dr.Supriya Sundaram
Consultant Chest Physician & Intensivist,
Kauvery Hospital