HAMSA, A Comprehensive Rehab Centre Launched

Chennai, 29th October 2019: HAMSA, an initiative spearheaded by one of Chennai's renowned spine and neurosurgeon, Dr. G. Balamurali with an aim, to provide quality rehab for patients with spinal and neurological disorder/injuries was inaugurated today. The newly launched 20-bedded rehabilitation centre will assist and provide support to patients who are suffering from spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, back and neck pain, cerebral palsy and severe neurological disorders.

HAMSA is the first dedicated, holistic rehabilitation centre in Chennai with twenty inpatient beds and will provide inpatient, outpatient and day care services. In addition to the rehab programs, specialized services like speech and swallowing therapy, vocational therapy, peer counsellor, social worker, cognitive therapy and psychiatry are also offered.

Commenting on the inauguration, Dr. Balamurali, Managing Director, HAMSA commented, "Chennai, being the healthcare capital of India, lacks a comprehensive rehabilitation centre for spinal and neurological disorders. With the growing population of Chennai and the increasing demand for rehabilitation unit across specialities including brain, spine, orthopedics, pediatrics, elderly and post-operative care, HAMSA will now be the beginning of a new paradigm in healthcare vertical and we aim to provide a scientific and evidence-based practice at an affordable cost to everyone".

Spinal cord and brain injuries can create a life-altering impact on patients and can affect people around them. Rehabilitation helps people to gain greater independence after illness, injury or surgery and provide them with hope and positivity to recover from their illness. Rehabilitation includes physical, occupational, mental, intellectual, speech, spiritual, vocational and community-based therapy.

Rehabilitation will focus on:

  • Re-learning of daily activities for self-care and independence
  • Vocational skills to earn their living for inclusion into the community and secondly learn
  • How to prevent complications from their disability for the rest of their life

With a team of experts, which includes Physical and medical rehab, Neuro and Spine surgeon, Urologist, Psychiatrist, Plastic surgeon, Anesthetist, Pain specialist and therapists including Physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurses, psychologist, speech therapist, orthotist, vocational trainer, peer counsellor and alternative medicine specialist, HAMSA provides all the necessary medical care and services under one roof.

Additionally, HAMSA trust - an exclusive trust has been set up as part of HAMSA rehab to provide free treatment to the underprivileged. The suitable candidates for this cause will be identified by the board members as part of the trust's members to provide equal opportunity for any person who will require rehabilitation.


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