Kauvery Hospital Gives a New Lease of Life to a 24-Week-Old Pre-Term Baby

Chennai, 24th February 2020: A team of expert neonatologists and obstetrician at Kauvery Hospital successfully treated and saved an extreme pre-term baby who was born at 24 weeks with a low weight of 710 grams, to a woman hailing from Rajasthan - Mrs. Manju, wife of a wage labourer who works at Chennai.

Mrs. Manju had a history of 2 failed pregnancies wherein both the babies were born at 32 weeks (pre-term) and died thereafter. For the third pregnancy, the father of the baby visited Kauvery Hospital for consultation with Dr. Sabeeha T.S., Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist to receive expert pregnancy care. Dr. Sabeeha performed regular tests and scans to monitor the growth and development of the foetus. Though the scans and the results indicated a positive and steady growth, the mother complained of bleeding and pain during her 24th week of pregnancy and was brought to hospital. Diagnosing that Mrs. Manju was at her onset of labour, the doctors treated her to delay her labour to ensure that the baby safely remains in the womb. However, the mother went into labour and gave birth to a baby girl, weighing 710 grams after 72 hours, despite doctors' efforts to postpone the birth.

Speaking about the treatment procedure, Dr. Karthik Thiyagarajan, Neonatologist said, "After the delivery, we observed that the baby was continuously crying which indicated good signs of her vitals that helped us to determine that the baby has a good chance of survival upon treatment. We had immediately placed the baby in a warmer and started administering life-saving measures and treatment to improve the strength of her organs, as they had not developed fully and were very immature. Scientifically, a baby born before 25 weeks with weight below 1 kg has extreme low chances of survival. We periodically monitored the baby to check if any complications arise that is generally expected in such similar case. During our continuous check-ups, we noticed that the baby did not have proper vision and sight and we had to perform a laser retinopathy in the eye. The new-born baby was given nutrition for up to 10 days through a line that was connected to the umbilical cord, known as umbilical venous catheter (UVC) and blood samples were collected to test for any infections as pre-term babies are prone to catching infections through another line called arterial line.

Through the efforts of our team of doctors and nurses, we ensured that the baby was continually monitored and supported with all medications to aid her growth and development. We are happy to have successfully delivered and saved a 24 week old baby by treating her with the best possible treatment and expertise, here at Kauvery Hospital. The facilities at Kauvery Hospital also ensured that there was minimal risk of infections for the baby."

The baby was discharged, healthily, on 20th February 2020 weighing 2.12 Kgs after being in the NICU up to 37 weeks (96 days).

About Kauvery Hospital:

Kauvery Hospitals is 'A new Age Family Hospital' with Multi Specialty Clinical Expertise and a pioneer in the 'HealthCare Provider' industry, making healthcare affordable. Kauvery is one of the few corporate hospital chains to successfully integrate operations into Tier 1 cities after launching into Tier 2 cities. It is also one of the few hospitals founded by Medical experts and managed by business professionals with a keen focus on delivering personalized and specialized health care with warmth.

Kauvery Hospitals is currently a 1200 bed hospital group with presence in Chennai, Trichy, Hosur, Salem & Karaikudi in addition to planned entry in new markets.

Apart from having diverse Multispecialty tertiary care expertise, Kauvery Hospitals house one of three 'Cardiac Centres of Excellence in South India' and the only one in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy).

In today's times where the healthcare industry is more and more commoditized, Kauvery Hospitals stands tall with its promise of making medical expertise and technology truly affordable with empathy and care at every stage of a person's healthcare needs.


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