Kauvery Hospital successfully treats 35-year-old COVID patient with 100 percent Lung Involvement

  • Critical COVID with 100% Lung Involvement
  • Patient from Nellore transported to Chennai on Ventilator Support
  • Presented with critical oxygen saturation level of 60

Chennai, 15th November 2021: Kauvery Hospital Chennai, a unit of Kauvery Group of Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare chains in Tamil Nadu, today announced the successful treatment of a COVID patient with severe infection and 100 percent lung involvement.

The patient aged 35, a resident of Nellore, was diagnosed with critical COVID illness, with CT Scan showing a score of 25/25 that implied hundred percent lung involvement.

Commenting on the success of the treatment, Dr N Sridhar,Consultant Intensivist & Head – Critical Care, Kauvery Hospital Chennai said “The patient arrived in a critical state. He was immediately ventilated in the prone position, and had an early tracheostomy (an incision was made in the front of his neck, and a tube was connected into the wind pipein order to help him breathe), in the first week itself. He was initially too weak to even turn himself to either side of the bed. He was gradually weaned off from the ventilator and underwent daily physiotherapy including taking a few steps while connected to the ventilator until his activity levels improved.”

We have treated a few patients with 100 % lung involvement who made good recovery. But what made the recovery of this patient remarkable was the speed with which he came off the ventilator. On arrival the patient had to be immediately placed on the ventilator, and the family had to be told that his chances of survival were poor. He had made the journey from his home to Kauvery hospital Chennai – a perilous journey of 4 hours-in the very critical state he was in. He was transported with zero chance of survival but went home comfortably in car!

His wife, who worked as a teacher in a government school, was very grateful to the medical and nursing team for giving her husband back to her. She said that the hospital didn’t save one life but four which included their young children.

“This patient was transported from another state to our hospital in a very critical stage. It highlights the fact that accessing the right expertise at the right time can be lifesaving. Our team provided expert treatment. I congratulate Dr N Sridhar and team for successfully bringing the patient out of danger and helping him get back his life as he knew it”, said Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital Chennai.