Anticipating an Amazing April!

Our Dearest K-Way Readers,

This month, we are delighted to launch Maa Kauvery, in service to mothers and babies, and thus to delight the whole family.

A holistic approach throughout maternity and childbirth, giving the right medical advice at the right time, supporting the physical and mental strength of the mother, and thus assisting her to bring a healthy baby to this society is the mission of our Maa Kauvery.

A healthy baby grows with us into a mature adult contributing to our society to be healthy.

As a healthcare provider, Kauvery Hospitals has taken on the social responsibility to provide excellent healthcare to the mother and the new born.

Pregnancy, though a physiological phenomenon, has its own challenges for the current generation due to various constraints.

Late pregnancy due to work-life balance, stress, financial planning, etc. are a few circumstances that push maternal age into a high-risk category. This is where Maa Kauvery plays a major role by giving the right pre-pregnancy counselling to ensure a safe child birth.

30 years ago, women were grandparents by their mid-thirties but now it is a common sight to see primi mothers in their mid and late thirties.

Such ages are not contraindications to pregnancy but common lifestyle diseases and fibroid uterus are encountered in older mothers.

Proper medical attention, exercise, a nutritious diet, vaccinations and post-pregnancy care can sustain healthy mothers and babies.

Being your healthcare partner in life, Kauvery Hospitals provide the best continuum of care right from antenatal care, paediatric, adolescent and adult to geriatric care, and finally with end-of-life care.

Evidence-based practice of medicine and empathy towards our patients have helped us in our journey to succeed in winning the hearts of our patients.

This digital platform is yet another feature of providing health care education to those of you who are away from us.

Month after month, year after year, your overwhelming support as our readers energizes us to keep looking forward to being always connected with you all.

Kindly do give your valuable feedback to me at +919380051360.

Enjoy your April!

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Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Senior Family Physician