My Beloved K-Way Readers,

We are indeed fortunate to connect every month.

Knowledge is power.

Knowing the correct information empowers you to guide your destiny, whether it be social, financial or medical.

We are here to share health- related knowledge and information with all of you so that you are well – informed and confident in making your decisions about safe guarding your, your family’s and your community’ s good health, and ensuring a good quality of life for all.

Every topic drafted in K-Way is crafted from our doctors’ knowledge, experience and wisdom, gained by serving you and others with precision, skill competence and dedication.

Research has proved that mental well-being is integral and important to physical wellness. That can be achieved by adopting a wholesome approach to preserving, protecting and progressing both together.

Physical ailments of modern times are common but largely preventable. But lack of knowledge about them and avoiding seeking medical advice at the right time invariably compromise our health, and affect the quality of our life.

K-Way aims to make useful knowledge available on a simple digital platform, easily accessible to everyone.

Gaining knowledge is important, but sharing it comes from our fundamental nature.

We grow with knowledge but gain wisdom by sharing it. Wiser we become when we get connected and contented.

This will give an inner happiness and a sense of gratitude which make us feel worthy of them at the end of the day.

Mental well-being follows, which facilitates enjoying physical well-being.

Wishing you all a great month ahead.

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Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Senior Family Physician