Our Dear Avid Readers,

December 2022 is welcoming us with its cool weather, Christmas eve, jingle bells and the joyous New Year’s eve.

Always a month of celebration and we look forward to it. From kids awaiting their Christmas holidays to elders awaiting to give and receive gifts from their near and dear ones… Santa is also awaiting to see us!

And not to forget most importantly Namba Singara Chennai will also be the host of Margazhi Utsav making it a great time for music lovers to performing arts to showcase their talents of music and dance to entertain everyone.

Music and December are always connected.

The happy news is that this season is bouncing back full-fledged after the 3 long years of social distancing.

Other than music, December is famous for Resolutions – the most uttered word this month.

For those successful people who kept their resolutions – a big round of applause to all of you!

For the ones yet to start planning their resolutions and for the ones who couldn’t achieve their goals – don’t worry, here’s the opportunity again but don’t miss it, time is precious.

If we notice time and again, TIME is the only factor which is the most valuable and once lost we cannot regain it.

Timely sleep
Timely work
Timely food
Timely exercise
Timely advice
Timely approach
Timely enjoyment and
Family time
are all very important.

Use your time wisely and keep going. A healthy life is the best time in one’s life.

A wise man once said easy, hard & ideal are three magic words. It’s easy to treat a disease and hard to reverse a disease but prevention is ideal. So, make sure your time is well spent in taking care of your health.

Stay healthy.

Happy December!

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Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Senior Family Physician

Highlights @ Kauvery

Hello, you beautiful human!

Here we are, the end of the year is almost upon us. For us like many of you, December is also a month of a bit more reflection than usual on a year that has flashed before our eyes. When we started writing this article, our first thought was to keep it light and talk about how the season is the most wonderful time of the year. Yes for sure, there is a lot to be excited about but there’s more to December than just Christmas and New Year. A lot has happened within a year for all of us.

As a team, we sat down and looked over the last 334 days of our lives both personal and professional. Guess what we saw? We saw beautiful memories, small/big wins, triumph, love, and joy after joy but simultaneously we also saw times of hardships, big shifts in life defined by uncertainty, fear, pain, sorrow, loss, heartbreaks, and struggles as though some of us were stuck in a loop. Each one of us laid it all out on the table and when we looked at the range of experiences in front of us, we saw a common thread that popped up repeatedly with every passing month and that was – growth. We were all slowly growing stronger with every challenge without even realizing it. And here’s the funny thing, we weren’t aware of our own strength until we reflected back on the challenges.

To everyone reading this article, we are not here trying to convince you that the remaining last month or that 2023 will be any better— we wish but apologies, we’re not psychics. We want you to know that it’s okay to not be immersed in the excitement and cheer the end of the year brings. We’re requesting you to cling on to the tiny glimmer of hope and believe that things really can get better. You’ve got this. Looking back, we are proud of ourselves and you should be proud of yourself too. Because look, despite all the highs and lows, you made it to December and that alone is something. Allow yourself to feel and breathe.

Every month comes with a different set of challenges that will drive us up the wall. But we will always get through it. Our year was dotted with colours, colours of highs and lows and we are tremendously thankful for the lessons and growth the last 11 months have brought us. We hope you are also coming out as a stronger, kinder, and more understanding version of yourself.

By Uma & Chan

We absolutely love connecting with you every month through this magazine. This time we’ve been up close, raw, and vulnerable almost as if we were having a deep conversation with you over a cup of coffee. We hope you can resonate with some of what we’ve said.

Wish you a very Merry Christmas in advance. Meet you in January.

Kauvery Group of Hospitals wins TISS Leap Vault CLO Awards India 2022 in three categories

Kauvery hospital bagged three awards at the TISS Leap Vault CLO Awards Ceremony held in Mumbai on 11.11.2022. The Best Blended learning program won Gold Award, the Best Quality improvement Program and the Best Digital transformation program (KOACH, KOAT & K-LEAD) won silver award in both the categories.

About LeapVault

The summit was initiated in 2009 with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences as the academic partner. Partners: EU India Chambers, AMCHAM India, Indo French Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Indo-Japanese Chambers. The summit has been supported by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and also by the Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India. The overarching multiyear theme for the summit is: “Organizational Learning: Impacting Business. Changing the Game.”


The workshop was conducted for all the HODs of Chennai unit by Mr. Vadde Srinivasan- GM, Finance-Chennai Region & Mr. Anoop Mohan on Strategic Decision Making



Kauvery Hospital launched Reversal of Diabetes Programme at the 4th edition of Dishoom Dishoom Diabetes Expo

On the account of World Diabetes Day observed in November, Kauvery Hospital Chennai, organised the “Dishoom Dishoom Diabetes’ a unique initiative for the effective management of Diabetes and related problems. Thiru Ma Subramanian Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Tamil Nadu launched the “Reversal of Diabetes” programme at the expo.

The programme offered free check-ups on Vitals, Foot Study, Eye test, Dental test, Biothesiometry examination, Lipid Profile, and Fundus Screening. The event also had stalls on diet counselling, diabetic-friendly recipes and diet supplements, physiotherapy, and other diabetic care products. Additionally, a panel discussion on the ‘reversal of diabetes’ consisting of a diabetologist, general physician, dietitian, psychiatrist and a physiotherapist was held.

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Kauvery Medical Trust launches Blood Bank

Kavery Medical Trust an entity of Kauvery Group of Hospitals launched the Regional Blood Centre. The centre will act as a repository of blood and blood components (Plasma, Platelets, Red Blood Cells, Leuko Red Cells, Irradiated Red Cells, Cryoprecipitate) belonging to different blood groups which shall aid in treatments for cancer such as Bone Marrow Transplant, plasma transfusions in surgeries or emergency procedures in cases of accidents and trauma.


Comprehensive Trauma Course Chennai by Kauvery Hospital. A workshop on the most recent innovations in the management of Trauma.


Snapshots of Vanakkam Kauvery November 2022


Redington Foundation and Kauvery Hospital launches Telemedicine Centre

Redington Foundation, the CSR Wing of Redington India Ltd, and Kauvery Hospital Chennai, a unit of Kauvery Group of Hospitals launched the Telemedicine Centre at Kavaraipettai, Tamil Nadu. The centre will provide access to healthcare for those living in and around the district of Chennai and Thiruvallur. Through this initiative, people can gain access to consultations for different ailments through video conferencing with a specialized doctor.

Thiru T J Govindarajan, MLA Gummidipoondi Constituency launched the Centre

Say hello to the new Kauverians!



International Men’s day Celebration at Kauvery