Welcome to the January 2017 edition of Kauvery Health and Wellness Newsletter

December has, of late, been a difficult month for Chennai. Last year we had to face the flood and this year it was cyclone Vardha. As always, we faced the challenges and overcame them. Damage was done and scars were left behind. But the city and its citizens emerged stronger from the ordeals.

Repairing the damage takes time and resources. It is the same with our health – recovering from sickness takes time and patience. The difference is that unlike the forces of nature, we can, to a significant extent, take steps to improve our health. The right diet, adequate amount of exercise and making the right lifestyle choices all contribute to better health and the ability to fight sickness. Being proactive in staying healthy is important. For example, we are currently facing the winter chill and this is when the elderly are at high risk of lung infections. To keep them safe, they should be kept away from crowded areas where infections spread. Our hospital has vaccines that prevent lung infections and you can contact our doctors for further information.

One thing to note during the recent cyclone is that the city lost more than half of its greenery and most of the trees which fell down were exotic trees planted in the preindependence era. The native trees were able to survive the cyclone and it is important that we take a prudent decision to replant only native Indian trees like Neem, beech tree (pungai maram) in future. Kauvery is with you in this go-green initiative as we owe it to our future generations.

Kauvery Hospital wishes all of you a very happy, prosperous and healthy 2017. We look forward to meeting your health needs in the New Year.