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Global Day of Parents 2020

Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Senior Family Physician

Highlights @ Kauvery

Hello you beautiful human

By Uma & Chan

Welcome to the 1st day of January – the day of new beginnings! While for most people this is the day for spending time with family and friends whether it's eating yummy food, wearing new clothes, watching the new Avatar movie, or spending the evening at Marina or Besant Nagar beach, we know for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals it often means a day at the hospital. However, it is still a special day within the walls of the hospital where smiles, laughter, and joy are shared. Inside Kauvery hospital the spirits are high because the patients are our family members.

While the holidays can be an exciting time, we understand that it can be a bittersweet experience for our patients. Being stuck within four walls separated from friends, work, and life, especially around the holiday season can be discouraging and frustrating for them. And that is why Kauverians go all out to create a sense of normalcy in the hospital. Every single Kauverian right from security, housekeeping, F&B, admin, and nursing to doctors becomes the CHEERS crew. The HR team organized a Christmas decorating contest and everyone came together to deck up their respective floors. December was also a month filled with fun events organized by the super enthusiastic Medical admin team. Dancing, singing, dumb charades, and a whole lot more. You're probably wondering if we're talking about a hospital. Yes, we are! We want to make the most of every moment.

Healthcare is so much more than surgeries, antibiotics, and injections. Being a Kauverian means making the most of every moment with each other and with our patients. Grateful that our patients are here fighting, even on the toughest days and that is worth celebrating. Being a Kauverian means knowing when to make a patient laugh and when to hold their hand in silence. For our clinical and support team, it doesn't matter if it is a weekend or a holiday, they do it all with a heart full of empathy. We are Kauverians, and we absolutely love what we do.

We hope this is the year where you find hope again. Remembering that the sun always sets and rises again the next day. Let's continue to believe that most clouds really do have silver linings.

Rheuma Basics 2K22

"Rheuma Basics 2K22", a CME by the Department of Rheumatology had interesting sessions covering the basics of Rheumatology, clinical approach, pregnancy and rheumatic diseases, ulcer and rheumatic diseases to name a few

Rheuma Basics 2K22

Tumour Board Master Class

The Tumour Board Master Class by the Kauvery Cancer Institute had interesting case-based discussions across Breast Cancer, GI Cancer, Ortho and Spine Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Nephro, Uro, CTVS Pulmonology, Gynaec Cancer and Blood Cancer. Experts from different specialities shared their insights on the advanced treatment modalities for Cancer.

Tumour Board Master Class

Chennai Kauvery recognized at TIMACON 2022

Chennai Kauvery Alwarpet Branch recognized for its services, training programmes and clinical excellence at the Tamilnadu State Indian Medical Association Conference (TIMACON 2022) held at Chennai Trade Centre.

Chennai Kauvery recognized at TIMACON 2022

Valedictory Ceremony of Certificate Course on Infection Control and Prevention for Nurses and Paramedics 2022

The 6 months Certificate Course on Infection Control and Prevention for Nurses and Paramedics culminated with a qualifying examination, a site visit and a certification ceremony. Around 35 candidates completed the course. The Valedictory Ceremony was attended by Dr Manivannan S Founder and Managing Director, Dr Iyappan Ponnusamy Medical Director, Dr Santhosh Medical Administrator, Dr Manoj S, Sr Consultant Cardiologist and Dr Vijaylakshmi Balakrishnan, Head of Department Infectious Diseases.

Valedictory Ceremony of Certificate Course on  Infection Control and Prevention for Nurses and Paramedics 2022

CME on Micra - Leadless Pacemaker

A CME on Miracle Micra Leadless Pacemaker had interesting discussions on the Micra, Indication for Leadless Pacing and AV synchrony with Leadless Pacing. The Cardiologists and Cardiac Electrophysiologists of Kauvery Hospital shared their insights.

CME on Micra - Leadless Pacemaker

Christmas Celebrations 2022

The staff and doctors of Kauvery Hospital celebrated Christmas with fun, exciting games and activities. The celebration had dance performances, Christmas Carols and Floor Decorations by different departments. It was indeed a happy ending to 2022, with positivity and togetherness!

Say hello to the new Kauverians!

Say hello to the new Kauverians!

Snapshots of training activities


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