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Dear Friends,
Summer is back and so is vacation time. It's a time for smiles and excitement. Some people stay home and relax while other take their families travelling and sightseeing, either here in India or abroad. International travel appears to be the big thing these days.

However, keep in mind that while these trips are great fun, a vacation is almost the only time a family has to spend together. So while traveling to distant parts of India or abroad is wonderful, don't forget about giving your children the opportunity to learn about their roots. Take them to the home towns or villages your family comes from. Let them see for themselves how their ancestors lived and how people in rural areas survive.

We all want to show our children the good things in life and protect them from hardships. But it is by understanding the hard part of life that they will learn the value of it. Let your children spend time with their grandparents and other elders of the family. Give them the chance to know what life is really like. It is easy to say there is no time - vacations are full of sports, special activities, homework, going out with friends and so on. While there is nothing wrong with all that, do not let these things become excuses for not allowing children to spend time with their elders and to learn from them about other perspectives of life. The healthy minds and spirits that will come from this will go hand in hand with physical good health.

Wish you all a very happy vacation and healthy May.

Dr. Kavitha S
Family Physician


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