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May 1st marks the day of celebration of the working class or international Labour's Day. Each one of us work, the nature of the job might differ but the purpose is the same... it's to have a better quality of life for you and your family. Dear friends please do your work with passion and appreciate the work of others. Celebrate May Day!!!

This month also celebrates Mother's Day!!! A mother is the one who plays a vital role in inculcating good thoughts in her child's mind. Positive thoughts are sown in our minds by her. She nurtures her child with so much care to make them a respectable human being. When I say mother, it need not be the biological mother. Each one of us has the responsibility to do good deeds, spread love, affection and positive vibration.

This Mother's Day let's ensure Our Mother Earth and all the mothers' are safe and healthy. We should focus on their health and happiness. Lets thank all mothers for their unconditional love and affection. Wishing all the Mothers' a very healthy and happy Mother's Day!!!

‘May’ we all have a blessed healthy May!

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Dr Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Family Physician

Inauguration of Advanced Diagnostic and Interventional Ultrasound Equipment [Esaote MyLab™9 eXP] at Kauvery Hospital

It is the most advanced ultrasound with following capabilities:

1) Liver Elastography - Shearwave Elaxto. Fibroscan is the first generation of liver elastography and was followed by many advancements in this field like ARFI. This 2D and Point shearwave elastography is the latest and advanced method from Esaote enabling us to assess the degree of fibrosis in liver and avoids liver biopsy.

2) 4D Ultrasound - High quality 3D and 4D imaging meant for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

3) Virtual Navigator Realtime Fusion Imaging - CT/Ultrasound Fusion: For image guided biopsy of focal liver lesions which can be seen only on Contrast enhanced CT. The CT images are loaded on to the ultrasound machine and CT images are superimposed onto realtime ultrasound to enable biopsy/RF ablation of focal liver mass. The technology can also be used in other solid organs like kidneys.

4) Virtual Navigator Realtime Fusion Imaging - MRI/Ultrasound Fusion: For image guided biopsy of Prostate lesions detected on MRI. MRI images are loaded onto our ultrasound machine and MRI images are superimposed onto realtime transrectal ultrasound to enable targeted biopsy of lesions detected on MRI.

5) Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS): For evaluation of focal liver and renal mass in patients with contraindication for CT/MRI contrast (CKD patients). There is also contrast perfusion analysis for checking perfusion in focal liver mass post RF ablation.

6) Advanced doppler imaging: X Flow Doppler and Micro Vascular Doppler study for Hemodynamics analysis

Intra Unit Rewards and Recognition Audit and Prize Distribution

The results for intra-unit Rewards & Recognitions Program was declared recently.

The audit for the R&R happens every quarter for the following categories:
1) Vision Mission Values VMV
2) people’s Champion
3) Lean & Clean
4) Quality Excellence
and the results are announced based on the cumulative scoring.

Department Winners:
Vision and Mission
Winner - Physiotherapy
Runner up - House keeping

Winner - Physiotherapy
Runner up - MRD

Lean & Clean
Winner - Zone 6
Runner up - Zone 3

Quality Excellence
Winner - ER & Ambulance
Runner up - Nursing- ICU

Inauguration of new Video EEG Machine at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai

The Neurophysiology department at Kauvery Hospital Chennai, procured a new Video EEG machine. This is a 32 channel system for non-stop continuous EEG recording. It can also be extended to do Electrocorticography during epilepsy surgery. This will be a valuable tool for our our comprehensive Epilepsy Diagnosis and treatment program at the hospital.


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